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Alternate title for the article: "How YouTube threatens our relevance in the decline of centralized media".

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Exactly. They just label everyone they want to silence as hyper-extremists.

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"This is outside our Overton Window!" - The media, probably

Right leaning papers do the same with the far-left.

That said extremists on either side can be pretty messed up if you start wishing violence on the "other side". That's how wars happen. Two groups of people, each convinced they're absolutely correct, each seeing the other as "obviously evil".

Extremists suck, but censorship sucks more. I might even go so far as to say that censorship creates extremists.

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even the dregs of youtube are better than Judith Miller and Billy Kristol and their ilk

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Judith Miller's NY Times has zero credibility for anyone with a functioning memory.

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The NYT is just pissed off that with YouTube, anyone can point out when they're lying. Thus the crackdown. They must control us by controlling what we see.

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It is funny how CALEB is an anagram of CABLE and CAIN is, well you sure know who CAIN was, right?

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"I was reading new york times, and I was brainwashed!"
The journal that claimed to produce news, was actually producing high quality propaganda.
I could not tell lies from reality any more, because it was all written by intelligent people.
I almost became a NPC

But I learned to get out of it, by using the basics of critical thinking: Does the article have logical fallacies? Yes, many of them. So that means it is basically nonsense and piece pushing a certain opinion.

Does the article try to promote a certain policy or way of thinking? Yes, it wants us to be afraid of certain youtubers. So that is certainly a propaganda piece.

Does the article have evidence of some kind? And how does it use it? The "evidence" is probably made up, but even if you follow it, it shows how a right-leaning person moves towards the left. (discovered by Tim Pool)

And that is why I like saidit. It promotes the idea of logical thinking and critical thinking.

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Can someone explain what "slipped down a rabbit hole of alt-right ideology on youtube" actually means? What are actual consequences in practice?

I don't get Jordan Peterson or Philip guy on this list. Most of them I don't recognize, and a few I get they're political (Mylo, Sargon, Laura Southern and Trump?).