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    Interesting site.

    If I could go back in time with any influence, I would have tried to push the "Truther" community to be the "Truth Seeker" community.

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      Truth seeking is a personal trip.

      Exactly. Plus it more accurately describes it. My mom think that truthers think they think they know it all - she's only half woke.

      Who am I to say. I may be just a brain in a vat with wires connected to a computer running a simulation of reality.

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        I posted Calvin & Hobbes and The Far Side YouTube videos just this week.

        Is there another docu I should know of?

        If you or someone you know is new to Trutherism I recommend scrolling down to my Truther Newbie Crash Course: /s/SaidItSurveys/comments/9hi/saiditsurvey_how_to_gently_red_pill_newbie/

        • Level 1 - Introductory Skepticism Toward The Media, Authority, History, And War

        • Level 1B - 9/11, The Very Origin Of The Globalists War Of Terror, Begun With False Flag Lies

        • Level 2 - Introductory Skepticism Toward All Establishment Systems

        • Level 3 - Introductory Skepticism Toward Elite Power Through History

        I started this minor project a couple months ago, so much of it is incomplete, but there are lots of books and movies listed. I keep procrastinating filling more in. I aim to clean up the documentaries next.

        It's to back up and support one of my two main projects:

        Feel free to joins InfoGalactic where it's uncensored. Or feel free to list some of the stuff I've contributed there and on Wikipedia, listed in the comments here: /s/DIY/comments/dpq/list_of_selfpublishing_companies_on_wikipedia_i/

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          I'll pay you later.*

          Question: After you wake minds what do you plan on doing with these minds? Where do you point attention and intention? What happens after a person wakes to the simple fact authority does not by nature tell the entire truth?

          Answer: There is no "after". We need perpetual (r)evolution. This means the perpetual resistance to those with power and their brainwashed servants who use it over others. Under the establishment's full spectrum dominance across endless categories there are countless solutions to implement. Decentralization is a big one, for government, economics, religion, scientism, and technology. Worker directed enterprises or co-ops is another. When we stop resisting we will fall prey, and "they" never stop because it pays so well.

          I wonder what Zen Buddhists, Existentialists, and Hamlet think of E-Prime.

          If you don't like pyramids don't look at my /s/RulingClass/ banner. Pyramids are just representative of the simplest structure. That form is incorrect. Thin towers are more appropriate, cross-meshed with others. There should never be any trust for the Machiavellian human psychopaths at the top.

          Transparency with technology may be our only chance. I'm working on a book featuring my projected imagination scenarios, not utopian or dystopian, but both enmeshed, intensely, building a new flattened paradigm, despite resistance, co-existing and not happily.

          The Last Of The Mohicans featured 3 co-existing justice systems - the French, English, and Native Americans. Today we have a "justice" system, military justice system, international justice, etc etc etc. And it's easy to argue there's different class justice. So building a new system under/within and despite the old one just takes imagination - like Bitcoin did for currency.

          Ultimately it comes down to this. Are we elevated "civilized" humans and obey Natural Law, or are we just animals, willing to cannibalize others? Do we believe in fairness or are we justified and right to dominate, manipulate, exploit, and exterminate others?

          Life isn't fair, but a rising tide lifts all boats.

          Sure, sure. *Unless circumstances change, or you grow old and weak. (I had to move the asterisk.)

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            I don't intend to tell folks what to think but rather that they should just think. Too many folks just feelz and act without thinking because our schools don't want critical thinkers out there as they'd be a threat to the establishment and realize "authority" is a joke.

            Peaceful change is nice. But it's not realistic. Many people are not nice or are trapped in systems like the military where you don't get a choice and are forced to do bad things. Many people want what others have or their resources and are willing to risk or kill for it, whether out of greed or desperation. And they have the monopoly on violence and/or political/economic full spectrum dominance and changing that won't come voluntarily. Peaceful change is a myth of propaganda.

            "They" let Gandhi take over India because there were many others that were much more violent vying for the same goal of independence. Their "independence" is an illusion, just as our Canadian sovereignty is.

            Just because I know this doesn't make me violent nor wish for it. Action, violent or peaceful, must strike where it counts. A million people protest marched in 2003 before the Iraq War. The media didn't cover it and it solved nothing. Occupy a factory and it affects the means of production and profit, like in .

            It's not just about how to behave, it's why. And to know why means one must think and reason. "Why to behave" is a far superior motivator than just following orders because I said so. Is this an other way?

            I haven't delved deep into philosophy since the 90s. I wish they had YouTube then. So I'm rusty. And I lost interest when I realized it was a lot of abstractions and semantics with a modicum of bullshit, like religion, though religion has way more bullshit.

            E-prime is intellectually a neat exercise, but I don't see the point in applying it to Zen or Existentialism. The word contortion trickery might be able to dance around is-ness but it doesn't affect nor negate nor disprove being. The words may change but the ideas will remain.

            I don't understand "evolution of no revolution". Nor how it relates to sarcasm.

            I like sarcasm as a wedge to make you think differently, often flipping convention on its head to look at it from another perspective, to see the absurdity of the flip as well as the origin, often by comparison.