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Terrific talk.

Great new term: Mass formation hypnosis.

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They're iDiots.

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Yes, thank you for saving people from wasting 1:14. The video looks worthless.

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It's beyond being an idiot. It's irrational, synchronized behavior. Idiots just randomly do stupid shit. This is about why most people are sheep.

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Humans are herd animals. If the herd is heading over the cliff, only the intelligent leave the herd. So people being idiots fully explains why they follow the herd narrative, no other explanation is needed.

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So people being idiots fully explains

It doesn't fully explain anything. You can express disdain towards them, but that doesn't mean people follow the herd because they're JUST idiots. It has to do with lack of meaning at a societal level, and coordinating psychological attacks with mass media. You can get some to snap out of it, and that will be important unless you want to live in another soviet union.

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The average idiot is completely incapable of thinking for himself. The average idiot is only saved by offering him an alternative herd to follow. And this is what religion does. Without religion, intelligent sociopaths control the herd. Nothing except religion can change this.

The West will become another Soviet Union, and fully deserves this fate. I will move to a religious area in Mexico to avoid this.

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I will move to a religious area in Mexico to avoid this

Pfff ok. Good luck and avoid getting skinned alive by the cartels.

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I covered that issue. And good luck to you living in the next Soviet Union.