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Loomer said right after 9-11 that she never needed to have another Muslim immigrate here again.

Right after 9-11? Loomer is 27. So you're saying that she is on the record, as an 8-10 year old, saying this?

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I misspoke- it was the another Muslim extremist terror attack in NYC - the Peace Truck that killed 8 and maimed 11.

The point is, she's modified her emotions and speech and appears to be genuine in her desire to distinguish between the majority of peaceful ordinary Muslims and the virulent and toxic Islamic Supremicists who are the real object of her ire.

I was all about her when she bum rushed the staging of Julius Caesar where these overpaid effette self righteous actors were on stage stabbing Trump to death. Yeah, like the left would even let the mirror image of that play find a stage to appear on at all.

I will not let the left dictate the terms by which I evaluate people. Do I really have to list all the things people in good standing with the left have said and done - everyone form Sarah Jeong at the NY Times to Pelosi to every actor you can name to the Squad to the rioters to the BLM activists.

Yeah, and the Left is going to tell me who I can and cannot forgive and for what.

Not a chance. Go fuck yourselves.

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It was a likudnik job done by apostate Jews.