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It is almost like when you have too much money, you can buy other peoples' brains. /s No it is exactly that.

It is a key element of what I call predatory exceptionalism or psychotropic leachism,

as you can see, up at the top no one has any idea who is really pulling the strings, just like at all of these alleged sources of independente journalism. Which has led to this dilemma we find ourselves in, and it is not going well now. Of course I made this before the same people tricked bernie out of the nomination, again.

I once thought bill gates was not sinister, I have changed my mind. I did not know until this year his dad and the rockefellers were friends.

If you find this interesting, join our photoshop battle, could use more entries:

Also, for the love of all that is good stop using windows products, they key log everything you do.

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You should really put fewer ideas into those graphics. It's very thick and hard to digest.