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The same thread that they're complaining about censorship, they're saying don't bother joining the conversation on voat unless you hold particular political views.

I would like to see any proof of the base claim though. Because... No offense magnora... But if this place were run by experienced Reddit admins then they would know a lot more what they're doing.

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/u/magnora7 probably isn't the best person for the job, but I don't think either of the admins are doing a bad job. Horrible nasty comments are the exception here, not the norm, and yet somehow this has been accomplished without heavy-handed moderation.

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No, I don't think the admins are doing a bad job and I don't mean to imply that. It's just that they are noticably less experienced, which should be expected. That's why the claim that Reddit admins are involved surprised me, although I guess controlled opposition is a thing too.

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Oh, I see.

Yes, I agree. I'm almost tempted to make a Voat account and tell them why they're wrong… but every time I've done something like that before it's completely backfired. (Source: my entire comment history on Saidit.)

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People don't like people running around telling them what they do wrong.

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Especially when they don't even know why the people they're telling are wrong think that way in the first place.