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I agree completely with your synopsis, and I have been using voat since it was called whoaverse. It was good back then.

But the way it is now... it's hard to deny there is a serious serious culture problem. Literally praising terrorists and super-racist low-information posts regularly making the front page. Even if it is bot/shill activity, it makes the site completely suck to use.

And if you go against the voat hivemind, you get downvoted, and then you can't downvote stuff, and it makes a feedback loop that has led to this ridiculous super-hateful echo chamber where one ideology basically took over.

As soon as stormfront got ahold of most mod positions on voat about 3-5 years ago or so, it's slowly been getting worse and worse. I love voat and what it stands for, but let's not deny the character of the current mainstream voat content is very full of hate and race-based ideology. If it were intelligent debates about that, that'd be one thing, but it's 90% knee-jerk hate these days. It's low-information anger being spewed, while those in real positions of power are basically ignored and instead we get to see a "Elizabeth Warren is a fake indian" post for the 1000th time. Valuable stuff is there, but it's often lost in the noise of the culture that overtook it.

I felt like voat was supposed to be the chosen one to save us from reddit. Which is why I felt so let down when it got so taken-over. Which is why we had to make saidit. So in a way, I am kind of thankful voat got taken over or else none of us would be using this site right now.

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I joined Voat and agree totally. It's an echo chamber, but one that is incredibly good about maintaining the racist and hate filled userbase. The limit to the number of upvotes, and the limiting of the number of downvotes makes it incredibly difficult if not impossible for anyone who is not well-established on the site to have any sort of meaningful discussion.

I know exactly why it's happening, why people post the amazingly hate-filled stuff they do. The whole idea is to drive away anyone sensible. and I don't care because it works, and I'm not going to have my name or any thing tying me that website. So I just deleted my account after about six hours and said fuck this cesspool.

it isn't even about censorship, it's about decent people saying these comments are not appropriate and we disagree with them. But you can't do that because the site is not structured that way. Voat is dying anyway so it'll just be a matter of time until it goes under.

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The whole idea is to drive away anyone sensible.

Yeah I agree, it's intentional for this reason. But there are also many useful idiots who honestly believe it and think they are in good company.

Your last paragraph is exactly why we had to make saidit. Voat isn't going to work.

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Partially, partially people simply see the insanity of this clown world we live in and can't take it any more. People get angry when the world around them refuses even a basic acknowledgement of their grievances.

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Stormfront is full of weirdo WN 1.0 boomers. What infected voat was coontowners and 4channers.

Some of the mods on coontown intentionally bred a low-quality environment for ego-purposes, and it led to voat having a low-quality userbase.

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IMO Those other groups came after the stormfront invasion had taken root, which laid the foundation for what came next. By the time it stopped being whoaverse and became voat, they already had their teeth in it. That was years before coontown got banned on reddit. You're probably right about 4chan (specifically probably /pol/) though

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Stormfront was never really relevant and doesn't have the organizational skills. 4chan moreso. Just because they had a how-to guide posted there doesn't mean they actually did anything.

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They were back in 2009 or so when voat started getting taken over, I remember it was quite sudden. No racism, then the next day everything is white nationalism, and it never went back

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Oh, in 2009? Voat is that old? Maybe I'm wrong then. I'd still say it was the 4channers though. Though they're extremely retarded. And I was a founder of CT LOL.

The IRC people were a lot more fun and more intelligent. Did you know evalion came out of coontown?

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Yeah the 4channers probably came around the same time as the stormfront guys and it led to an unholy marriage lol

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Are you sure they were from stormfront? I have a difficult time of thinking of them as being organized. They're certainly unintelligent, but I mostly viewed it as autistic 4channers.

[–]magnora7[S] 2 insightful - 1 fun2 insightful - 0 fun3 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)

Yes it was literally the stormfront forum website that set up camp very first. There was no white nationalism on the site before they came along. I guess voat/whoaverse is 4 years old, so it probably happened about 3 years ago. I remember it clearly, and they were linking to the stormfront forum over and over. Then it kind of subsided and I hoped it was going to get better. But then it just slowly got worse and worse, and in the last year it's just terrible. I think the latter part was probably mostly 4chan types. But the initial spark was undoubtedly the stormfront forum migrating to voat.

I suppose in retrospect maybe that was all some elaborate 4chan "prank" to make the site look super racist and I didn't realize it at the time. Either way I think there is some overlap anyway

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Yes, four years ago is about the time coontown got banned.

The stormfront linking, to me, sounds like leftists attempting to further the reputation voat had. The channers were dumb enough not to realize it.

I have had plenty of experience wtih basically everything. Back in ye olden days I was an oper in stormfront's IRC channel. That's why I don't believe it was them.

I doubt anybody younger than 50 even goes on stormfront these days.

Furthermore, the ADL and SPLC never write about stormfront these days. Why is that? They too realize it's a paper tiger existing only on an old reputation back from the 2000s.

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I thought Stormfront was debunked as zionists disguising as white supremacist?

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/pol/ suffered from the fact that any forum in which people can freely discuss ideas will naturally become racist, nationalist, and conservative due to the wealth of available evidence pointing in that direction.

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Well, right-wing. I never found /pol/ all that insightful, but I was doing what they were doing before they were around, and better.

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Probably. Good job. How did some one with a last name like Goldberg end up joining our cause? I'm curious.

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Don't ask me. I was the one bitching about his antics in modmail. It was GreatApeNiggy who modded him.

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but a good thing about voat are their pizzagate related subs, they are doing real, valuable research

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They've also debunked that alleged NZ "shooting" which never took place.

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Copypaste them here.

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Hey now. Why. That's not nice.

[–]JasonCarswell 1 insightful - 1 fun1 insightful - 0 fun2 insightful - 1 fun -  (3 children)


Not nice? Are you responding to the correct comment?

Why? To share information.

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Well, stealing content from another platform seems repugnant to my sense of morality, but whatever.

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If you source and cite it then it's not stealing, it's sharing information. Claiming it as your own and making a profit can be considered theft.

Information, especially political information, should be free.

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I guess I don't disagree... ;-)