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Stormfront is full of weirdo WN 1.0 boomers. What infected voat was coontowners and 4channers.

Some of the mods on coontown intentionally bred a low-quality environment for ego-purposes, and it led to voat having a low-quality userbase.

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IMO Those other groups came after the stormfront invasion had taken root, which laid the foundation for what came next. By the time it stopped being whoaverse and became voat, they already had their teeth in it. That was years before coontown got banned on reddit. You're probably right about 4chan (specifically probably /pol/) though

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Stormfront was never really relevant and doesn't have the organizational skills. 4chan moreso. Just because they had a how-to guide posted there doesn't mean they actually did anything.

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/pol/ suffered from the fact that any forum in which people can freely discuss ideas will naturally become racist, nationalist, and conservative due to the wealth of available evidence pointing in that direction.

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Well, right-wing. I never found /pol/ all that insightful, but I was doing what they were doing before they were around, and better.

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Probably. Good job. How did some one with a last name like Goldberg end up joining our cause? I'm curious.

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Don't ask me. I was the one bitching about his antics in modmail. It was GreatApeNiggy who modded him.