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It is a hate site.

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no it isnt, rofl

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I went to voat when it was just starting and saw the owner decide to cater to the evil people. Went back a couple of years later and it was just scum. It was a place for people who wanted to be openly racist, sexist, homophobic, who want to shout nigger, cunt, fag. Maybe you like that. But if you do, why aren't you there?

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fakenews, i do see those words sometimes, but its freedom of speech, alot it is just memes. maybe you should go back the reddit since you appear to be an sjw

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I greatly admire people who fight for social justice. It's not an insult no matter how your sort tries to make it one. Trying to change praise into an insult is a Nazi trick.

The coded language of the alt-right is helping to power its rise

the nasty undercurrent: These new words are intrinsic to the alt-right’s rise, according to Lakoff. He connects this to the Nazis and the coded language (prime example: “the master race”) that eventually allowed them to topple governmental institutions. “The strategy is to control discourse,” Lakoff points out. “One way you do that is preemptive name calling . . . based on a moral hierarchy.”

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lol, no matter how you try to make yourselves look like the good guys, you guys are the nazis, you mudduck hippiecrite, rofl.

the wapo is the fakest pro clinton shill news source out there, rofl.

you helped me checkmate you, so you just got squished and your backout, lol

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You need to read more about the Nazis. Don't be a part of that.

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no, you need to read more, dont be apart of the real nazis, rofl.

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meanwhile i happily run rtlsdr, 11 meter radio, minecraft and linux