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Even tho everyone can post it, it's a fact that the majority of people are still far right nazi extremists. And I'm not exactly a fan of this, since my family fought against these guys.

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Isn't it better to side with, you know, REALITY? What you are saying is that it doesn't matter how much factual evidence is thrown at you, you will remain opposed to nazis on principle that your grandfather fought them?

Even if, say somebody discovers that the nazis were the good guys? You will keep siding with evil because your grandparents fought good?

I'm not saying this is the case. I'm saying a position should be evaluated based on the evidence and if possible, the REALITY of a situation. Keeping a position that you know is wrong because it's what your parents did... Is more wrong than wrong.

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That's really vague. What reality are you talking about?

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There is only one reality.

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I like the people on Voat, they seem to acknowledge the reality of our world and the righteousness of the National Socialist ideology much better than most places.

That said, I worry that it might become a honeypot for thoughtcrime or somesuch BS.

The best format for good discussion is here, but many of the people here think like mindless sheeple, which is not optimal to me.

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National Socialist huh? Looks like Poe's law is at work here. Want to elaborate on that?

Without being open source and with the canary lapsed it seems very convincing that it is highly susceptible to becoming or already being a "honeypot for thoughtcrime".

In regard to your third point isn't it the case though that the many being "mindless sheeple" (as cringe as that term is) is just a characteristic of groups, of crowds? The most always follow the few. I guess a good internet discussion forum would encourage the dividing of groups into individuals.

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The canary is lapsed and Puttitout came in with some mystery donor and I'm certain the whole place will be used in the future to arrest visitors for hatethought. It's kind of echo-chamberish too. The Linux and technology subs were okay for a while. The whole Reddit/Saiddit/Voat thing has made me use sites like these much less. It's all random strangers yelling about shit for updoots. :/

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That's interesting about the dynamic of the conversations, being echo chamberish and purely for upvotes. Isn't the saidit interesting/funny votes supposed to mitigate that? The question of what type of forum facillitates the most valuable discussion on the internet is a huge one and when I first joined reddit I was very hopeful about its prospects in regards to that question. After a while though the censorship and shadow banning really got to me and I found this place. Of course I have also gone back to using chan (quality ones) sites and IRC in the meantime. Are you saying that you have distanced yourself from all forms of reddit-like sites? What do you use otherwhise? do you think ther reddit format can be saved? It seems to me that it has a lot of promise and produces quite a bit of value despite it's issues.

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I went from being active to lurking when the Reddit bans got crazy, I've started commenting here on Saidit after lurking for a while though. I do like the lack of a downvote function here, it's probably the best Reddit alternative currently. It's just that after seeing all these communities move from platform to platform and fracture and disband in the moving process, I realize these aren't communities. They're an ephemeral likeness of community, but it's really strangers with no connections outside the opinions shared online. I basically use Voat/Saidit/some Reddit subs as a news feed rather than an interactive site.

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I have a question for you about finding random forums (like chan sites and IRCs). How do you find out about them? Do you just lurk? Do you look through postings etc?

I've never gotten good at finding the communities I really love through chan or irc places. How do you fight against the feeling of the overwhelming realization that there are 6 billion people in the world and most of them aren't talking about anything interesting??

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It's become a big hobby of mine, exploring the different modes and forums of communication on the internet.

For many years I just used all the regular shit everyone else irl did but at some point I became interested in the different forums of communication and how they influence the discussion that went on. I have both lurked and intentionally gone out and researched for "reddit alternatives" or "best chan sites" with varying results. The best finds were through lurking/communicating on a site and seeing something mentioned. I found (one of my favorites) while on 4chan. I found Saidit while on reddit, I found on reddit also. 8chan when it was still around had some gold buried under all the shit (now 8kun).

When you find out about a new site take some time to get to know it and it's community. These are generally small sites and activity is low but not necessarily low quality. It's easy to get bored or quickly dismiss a site as too slow or low quality because you haven't spent enough time there. You have to remember you aren't looking for one site to be your totalizing internet experience, you want many small valuable sites to make up your experience. If you still crave a easy centralized feed and are too lazy to check each site individually learn how to set up RSS. Saidit for example I don't use every day, it's somewhat slow and it doesn't have all the things I'm looking for in my internet experience but I don't just drop it because of that, I would lose all the valuable things about it. Everything doesn't have to be in one place in fact that's what degrades a site and dips it into authoritarian censorship.

I got into IRC after reading about the early bulletin boards ( in Suelette Dreyfus' "Underground". I had heard about IRC amongst the free software crowd and decided to try to get the experience I read about there. I am now thoroughly addicted to it and have met many friends through it and even made a penpal (we took our conversations to email)

There absolutely is interesting conversation going on out there you just have to sift through all the normies. Nowadays I'm trying to get into XMPP and the chatrooms in there.

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This is a golden reply, thanks for taking the time to type it all out.

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It's a hub of paranoia and echochamberism. Like far-right reddit.

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paranoia about what? What kind of things do they talk about in their echochamber?

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About how the jews own the world and are in the process of finalizing their operation ENSLAVE ALL GOYS AND THEN KILL THE LEAST USEFUL TO (((OUR))) CAUSE.

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Jeez, sounds serious. How do we stop them?!?

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I don't think anybody's got a collective solution to that one.

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sarcasm dude

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They just want more welfare.

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Mostly how they think whites are being genocided by Jews. I once asked them a question about Ted Kaczinsky and they called me a "glowie" trying to encourage some dumbass to proclaim his love for terrorism. The guy has good theory, I wanted to know a far-right perspective on his work.

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I have to agree, he does have good theory. Just recently read Industrial society and its future. People need to take the guy more seriously. Actually read his work before criticizing you know?

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Yeah, I saw a thread on reddit about him in TIL and people were calling him a madman because they can't seperate acts and intellectual thought and also calling him racist because he used the Negro for black people. like really?

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meh those niggers are paranoid about fbi trying to get them to do shooting ted was based tbh, and yes white are being replaced by immigrants with the ones pushing for and bringing them in most often being jews

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It isn’t open source unlike here.

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That's a very good point. Do you know of any other reddit alternatives that are also open source like saidit?

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most of them are. it's listed on the /r/redditalternatives list.

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Maybe poal?

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It's on the way out. Their CCP system or whatever it's called is highly biased against new users. It's actually hard to vote and comment over there.

With that said, I support all Reddit alternatives. SaidIt needs more extreme sites to exist, on both sites of the fake soap opera, or they will come here.

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Voat just seems full of batshit crazy conspiracy theorists. Casual anti-semitism is a Nope from me. I clicked through just to check it out and came across some anti-jewish dogwhistling in like 2 minutes.

Anti-semitism is like cockroaches... if you see one, you know you've got an infestation. So by that logic that place is CRAWLING with anti-semites. And I honestly just don't want to be a part of that, or read that, or read anything posted by someone like that.

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Voat isn't infested with antisemites so much as it was created by them after the alright purge on reddit, and only antisemites want to be around antisemites.

I don't know the history on saidit as well but I have seen plenty of antisemites here, there are some subs like the conspiracy one which are just full of it. Is this platform that much better?

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It is because I came only for the feminism communities that moved here after the reddit purge. Those communities aren't racist. I haven't hung out in other parts of this site but am open to check it out if you have any community suggestions.

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I'm subscribed to s/Lesbians and s/lgbdropthet which also migrated over around the same time.

But honestly I prefer to saidit for feminist stuff.