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I made the leap here and fully aware it's not the best solution, but my main goal is to not be consolidated. I like variety, not just taco bell, but also chipolte, homemade, and well, that's the only way to get tacos around me. So you see why supporting a variety of people keeps you from getting bored with mexican food.

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It's from 2 years ago, so not really "meanwhile" but still relevant to the declining situation today.

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I remember the coming of the shills too.
And /bestof became pure propaganda.

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case in point: u/maxwellhill who gets 50% of top posts on worldnews every day.

Wonder what "army" he's backed by...

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the illumanati George Soros most users on reddits are advanced AI bots

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There are such obvious shill/troll farms working reddit. Of all places the "rant" sub got targeted by guys obviously working their first week from Douchebagistan. One guys history was all the usual honeypots to get self-hating Americans to flagellate themselves publicly.

I called it out and in 2 days time that cocksucker deleted his account, toned it down with his next one and shitposted more subtle propoganda until I found that one, too. They are trying to steal the usa right out from under us and have us even feel good that it's happening.