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Have you ever looked closely at this photo? I've seen it many times, but recently I've began reexamining my assumptions.

  • Does anyone look injured? No one is on their back.
  • Most are laying on their stomachs; with their heads up. Resting on their firearms and elbows.
  • Where's the blood?
  • There's plenty of abandoned bikes, but no one really seems injured.

This photo is internationally famous. Was it a hoax?

Zoom into each person in the photo. Does anyone else see what I'm seeing?

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Way to challenge assumptions about everything. Yeah it kinda looks like maybe 2 dead people and 2 people laying down to take cover. The people on the far left seem to be taking cover as well.

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I haven't been able to find any t that look dead or injured? Which area are you seeing them at?

There are lots of bicycles. I wonder if bicycles were intended as some PsyOp symbol similar to the PsyOp empty shoes...?

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This guy looks like he got shot dead on his bike and just fell over:

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Maybe he Ded.