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So I guess my second question is, can this site be hijacked by white supremacist idiots?

At first, voat was cool with the free speech thing. Some people crossed the line with the racist comments, but I went along with it. Then it suddenly wasn't ok to be a minority on there. Then you couldn't question guns. I think by the time I saw these racist "Hitler Youthy" memes about keeping Europe and the US pure and white, I was done. It just wore out its welcome. No one wanted to do anything about it on there.

I just don't want to deal with that again.

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This and every Reddit alternative are destined to attract extremists, but I think our pyramid is keeping us legit. We banned a few AnCaps that were dead set on racism and violence.

Oh, and our stated mission is to not become Voat. I think we're the only site between Tildes/PC speech only and Voat/absolute free speech. Their CCP system also encourages toxicity. We are trying to be in the middle.

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I didn't know Tildes only allows PC speech. Thanks for the warning.

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