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I still go there, but mostly to lurk. If it ain't power hungry mods, it's toxic users. And when you call them out on this, then they have the gaul to call you a 'whiner'. No, not really, it's because reddit will eventually shadow ban you if your "karma" is deep enough in the red, AND if you don't even have enough karma at all, then you can't post on certain subs. A lot of downies know this, and take advantage of it. I've seen some of the very same types of users complain when it happens to them, too.

So, I can't have negative karma as a badge of honor, no. It actually has to mean something by being integral to the "reddit user experience", so....I actually do kinda have to give a shit about "imaginary internet points", otherwise what's the point? Indeed, what's the point....

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I agree. And the power hungry mods create the echo-chambers that embolden the toxic users. Then there's also paid users, poisoning the well so no one can have a reasonable discussion... there's so many levels to reddit's failure, and these destructive tactics are leaking to many places all over the internet.