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Reddit has suspended my accounts because I happend to travel from my normal living quarters between countries.

Their loss.

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They actually monitor accounts??

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of course you have never heard of "bigger brother" man?

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I wonder if VPN's cause suspensions on reddit. I suspect so since when checking on family matters on Facebook (sandboxed) using a VPN, I was not allowed to sign in and my account was suspended for three days. These control freak giant online companies seem to all be run by the Borg.

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The same thing happens to me whenever I point out that Donald Trump is a leftist and not a "WN or Nazi" I get Downvoted to oblivion by reddit downies and replies saying your a racist bigot for saying DT is a leftist and shoahed by kushner admins reddit is so far left and autistic that it is impossible to post there unless you are a flaming leftist faggot

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Why bother? You know what's going to happen. Resistance is futile.

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Leftism, rightism; it is a poor prognosis of political identity. It was created during the Jacobin and Freemasonic Grand Orient lodges (revolutionaries) of France orchestrated French Revolution.

What I get angered by is people conflate leftism, however one wants to define it with liberalism, specifically classical liberalism, or rightism with thr principles of conservatism.

It's become quite clear in the U.S. that the democrats are not liberals in the meaning of true classical liberalism. They are neoliberals, not really liberals at all. They are authoritarians, statists working for thr tevolving door of crony corporatism and its amalgamation with government.

The GOP republicans, the ones who obtain positions in the upper hierarchy of private contracting, either military/defense/security, they too work within a revolving door of corportosm and seek to benefit from it at the behest of the lawless bankers.

When they say they want less government interference. They are not talking about you or the middle class, they are talking about themselves and the private corporatists including wall street speculators.

Basically, they are all authoritarians and statists. And only rarely follow the true principles of classical liberalism and conservatism.

Trump, formerly a democrat has been one of the most anti-gun, anti-free speech presidents to ever take office. He is an authoritarian and statist.

Right, left. Who gives a crap.

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Maybe the existence of the voting system is wrong, too easy to buying "likes/upvotes" on there.

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Also buying downvotes, to censor unwanted opinions. Both up and down buying are very rampant on reddit. And buying swarms of comments too

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Seem they are not interested about buying them on Saidit yet. Maybe they will.

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They probably will someday, but we have a few safeguards in place

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I've been banned from so many subs I've lost count. Even subs where I overwhelmingly agree with the premise and the people. It's frustrating to not be allowed to participate in what is supposedly a community, but is actually a highly-curated space to promote certain ideologies and viewpoints. It didn't used to be like this. Hence, saidit.

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The major reason of getting a ban is your party different with the party of the mod, if you don't believe in any party, you know...

They are too simple and animal like and too easy to predict.

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It is supposed to not happen here, but already some heavy posters are acting as if their subs are their fiefdoms. some people even have subs named after themselves.

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Well, we now have the moderator rules in place that limit that over the long run.

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They have become authoritarian. Whoever the leadership there is, probably has authoritarian tendencies as well. This just means their days are counted. Crowd sourced content is no longer the goal of the site, and probably thinking how to change the platform to further brainwash users. The problem is platforms that think they can and/or should control their users, often luring them in at first with no control, and slowly exerting more and more. I think platforms might have to soon start declaring user rights as one of their business goals, to clearly declare how they feel about freespeech and what they will do from the beginning. This way people can choose without committing months and years of data.

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.....But Intel Sucks!!!!
Kidding, of course. But I've seen the sort of groupthink you're describing, too.
While I am a self-proclaimed AMD fanboy, it's only recently that they've even had technology worth recommending over Intel on any serious basis since the 1gHz Thunderbird Space Heater days.

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I am an Intel fanboy because they have a much larger engineering staff than AMD and AMD licenses most of their design from Intel, but Intel fell far behind on their 3d - 10nm process (compared to AMD chips are manufactured by TSMC which has 2d - 7nm process) and are only now announcing IceLake chips next month tentatively. This is dark time for Intel and they will need an unusual win to pull themselves out of this rut.

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It’s not even “the bigger” subreddits. Even many smaller ones have parroted the party line.

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r/C_S_T was one of the few good ones left, but even it has had problems lately. There's almost no holdouts left. I'm so glad we have saidit because things are getting bad over on reddit

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r/frenworld was fun.... till it got the ban

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Welcome aboard.

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I still go there, but mostly to lurk. If it ain't power hungry mods, it's toxic users. And when you call them out on this, then they have the gaul to call you a 'whiner'. No, not really, it's because reddit will eventually shadow ban you if your "karma" is deep enough in the red, AND if you don't even have enough karma at all, then you can't post on certain subs. A lot of downies know this, and take advantage of it. I've seen some of the very same types of users complain when it happens to them, too.

So, I can't have negative karma as a badge of honor, no. It actually has to mean something by being integral to the "reddit user experience", so....I actually do kinda have to give a shit about "imaginary internet points", otherwise what's the point? Indeed, what's the point....

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I agree. And the power hungry mods create the echo-chambers that embolden the toxic users. Then there's also paid users, poisoning the well so no one can have a reasonable discussion... there's so many levels to reddit's failure, and these destructive tactics are leaking to many places all over the internet.

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Are you allowed to discuss race on this site? I would often share my POV from years working in the hood on Facebook, reddit and Twitter and got banned for speaking my mind about what goes on with certain minorities. I went to Voat for a while but it pretty much got taken over by neo-Nazi white supremacists.

I'm not a white supremacist but I do speak my mind and am not politically correct. Really don't want to use another site where I have to sound like an NPC and say "All women should be equal, immigration is great! Blah blah blah..."

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Yes is the short answer. The longer answer is be mindful of baseless insults which are low pyramid, and of course calls to violence. Anything you observe directly and report on objectively cannot be considered low pyramid. We are trying to avoid racist meme circle jerks which often attack character without supporting evidence.

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So I guess my second question is, can this site be hijacked by white supremacist idiots?

At first, voat was cool with the free speech thing. Some people crossed the line with the racist comments, but I went along with it. Then it suddenly wasn't ok to be a minority on there. Then you couldn't question guns. I think by the time I saw these racist "Hitler Youthy" memes about keeping Europe and the US pure and white, I was done. It just wore out its welcome. No one wanted to do anything about it on there.

I just don't want to deal with that again.

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This and every Reddit alternative are destined to attract extremists, but I think our pyramid is keeping us legit. We banned a few AnCaps that were dead set on racism and violence.

Oh, and our stated mission is to not become Voat. I think we're the only site between Tildes/PC speech only and Voat/absolute free speech. Their CCP system also encourages toxicity. We are trying to be in the middle.

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I didn't know Tildes only allows PC speech. Thanks for the warning.

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This is happening in online spaces generally, as "cancel culture" becomes more widespread. Fortunately it seems to be driving people into smaller but better-moderated (or even decentralized) spaces.

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Same. I once complained on the Windows 10 subleddit and was told I basically had no right to complain about the way things are, or "too bad. the world isn't just for you."
Fuck me for wanting to rant and try and reach out to those who share the same sentiments. Nope, I'm the only complainer.

And the censorship just made me feel ill to use the site. Dropped.

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lol, that sub is full of retards. I once got called a 'moron' because I said something about using windows xp after end of support.

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That's a dubious explanation. I don't really see a clear motive.

Seems a bit contrived...


I look forward reading your Xbox and AMD related comments. ;-)