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Comments section of that post in a nutshell right now:

Person1: Their removing anything to mention it can someone tell me what's happening

Person2: [Removed]

Person1: It's removed what was the comment

Person2: Me posting links to the stuff their censoring

Their not even f**king trying to hide that their censoring this stuff. The Reddit admins are just nuts right now. I mean their censoring stuff and just ignoring everyone's speech of how unethical their censoring is.

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Yeah they're pulling out all the stops. This isn't the first time they've acted like this. I think they're cleaning house to get ready for the election propaganda, plus their 2020 IPO is coming up

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Funny u should say that, because today reddit just got hit full force by propaganda.

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Yeah it seems like the 2nd or 3rd wave of attacks over the last few weeks. It'll probably be like this until the US election ends.