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Kids aren't in concentration camps.

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If you only get your information from FOX, then you are absolutely correct so far as you know.

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Finally, a somewhat measured response from the RB.

I sometimes agree with with your arguments. Unfortunately, it's difficult to get behind them, because of the overt hostility, and aggression.

Just saying.

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There is a lot of tongue in cheek to that hostility a great deal of the time. - but it wont translate to Text. Sometimes I am overly passionate on my stance and should work on my Zen but honestly some people fuck up my Chi.

I am a flawed Human. I'll work on it.

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I totally get it bud.

The above comment wasn't kind in it's response, but it wasn't below the belt either. It was critical, but you provided an out to minimize shaming.

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You realize in concentration camps 1) the government was segregating their own population. 2) they would force labor 3) generally they would work them to death

What is happening on the southern border of the US is not concentration camps.

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What is happening is that people are being held in Concentration, the water is foul, authorities are not allowing the removal of filth, most are getting less than 2000 calories a day and are being denied soap and toothpaste, being packed into some rooms that are standing-room only for over a week at a time. Infants are getting sick and not treated Children are having to look after children with no adult guidance and others held in direct sunlight without shade. And all of this is being done on purpose! Did you read what these people were saying on their Facebook Forum? This mistreatment is On Purpose

You are right. They are not Concentration camps. They are Concentrated Hell.

How would You react if someone in your family disappeared into one?

These are people who's only sin was to be born on the other side of an invisible line.

People and children are dying so yea, We can skip calling them concentration camps and pretty soon, as the death toll rises we can just skip to calling them "Death Camps."

What it is, is Evil and inhumane. Can we stop arguing semantics and labels and call it what it actually is? It is an act of Evil and it is Inhumane.

We dont treat assholes that blow up Marathons this way. We dont treat enemy combatants this way. We dont treat murders this way.

Why are we treating people running from death this way?

Ask yourself some questions, man!!!

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Then why do they keep walking into them?

These people do not have to illegally cross into the united states, that is their choice. Trying to say 'those poor people' does nothing, they are choosing this. A lot of them are well funded people flying into south america to illegally cross, just like the illegals crossing in Canada.

This doesn't work. It's bullshit.

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Those pictures were indeed staged.
Almost all mainstream news seems staged today.

Anyway, if there were "concentration camps", there should be a normal investigation and then measures can be taken. Instead the activists try to abolish ICE, which seems similar to abolishing the police to me.

You can disagree with the law which makes illegal immigrants, illegal. But that is independent of ICE, who do their job. If you want immigrants to become legal, they also need to be registered and pay taxes.

You can disagree with how ICE do their job, and demand improved shelters. That would mean that they need more money, more shelters. Maybe even build a wall, to hinder or control the inflow.

You can also fear for criminals using the immigrants for prostitution (including children). Or fear for job loss due to cheaper immigrants (who pay no taxes).

From outside the US, the immigrants are now part of a political game. The immigration politics are much older than Trump and were supported by both parties.

Interesting is how these problems around immigrants are completely staged to fit a narrative.

And how mainstream journalism has become complete garbage. Or maybe they always were, but that I never realized that before. ;-)

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With piñatas obviously.

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But they're ILLEGALS. Illegals don't get freedom, they get deported. Those kids have no right to American freedom, that freedom is reserved for natural born citizens.

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freedom is reserved for natural born citizens.

I don't believe that's the correct interpretation of "freedom", nor do I believe the founders of our nation would agree. I believe freedom is for everyone, except those who violate the rights of others. The groups in question have violated the rights of all Americans to manage our own territory by refusing to comply with just immigration and border management authority.

tl;dr if your first act upon breaking into my home is to hide in my basement, I have every right to assume you are a threat to my life, liberty and property, and to deal with you as a hostile intruder.

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Thoughts and prayers are not enough.

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What do you think will be "enough"?

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    They'll come back.

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    Removed for fomenting violence. Last warning.

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    It was a tongue in cheek response, but since you asked:

    It's a personal decision. What are you willing to do to protect human rights and liberties?

    Some options include - informing friends and family, calling elected officials, protesting, refusing to pay taxes.

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    informing friends and family

    I do my best.

    calling elected officials

    I've never tried that, but it's probably worthwhile.


    You want to be arrested?

    refusing to pay taxes

    You want to go to prison?

    I won't do any of those things for the sake of a bunch of criminals. There are legitimate reasons for breaking laws, but NO ONE has yet presented me one for this case. I say let unrepentant criminals stay imprisoned until they demonstrate their willingness to respect the rights of others.

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    "land of the free" is a slogan

    So you HAVE TO call your life, whatever it might be, "freedom" even though the USA has the highest % of its population in jail, of any developed country.

    There is no freedom. There is no democracy. There are only diminishing rights. You have owners and overlords. You are a second-class citizen.

    Wait, I thought you were talking about schools. Yeah they are INDOCTRINATION camps, not "concentration". Different, but no picnic either way.