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Got banned from r/space and r/askphysics for explaining electromagetism, which is my major.

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Seems pretty accurate

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I think only half of these are true, the other half, not so much. I don't think anyone should necessarily get banned for denying the holocaust, but it's a really stupid thing to deny. Probably not that many people have ever heard anyone deny Holodomor or the Gulags and so I'd be surprised if anyone were usually banned for that. Typically people who deny the holocaust do it for racist reasons. I'd be surprised if that were true for Holodomor or Gulags.

Zionists are routinely defamed on Reddit as is Hasidism. Islam isn't something Redditors like so much either. In fact, Reddit is pretty anti-religion altogether. Christianity definitely gets more hate than the others, but it's not like they're pro-Islam or anything.

No one should be calling for violence or insulting people because of their race. Reddit may be hypocritical in the last few ways, but this dude sounds like he just wants to complain that he can't be a piece of crap and get away with it.

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Deny Reddit=BANNED

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I can't feel sorry for conservatives nor those that deny the Holocaust or make racist comments. Besides, last time I was on Reddit - which admittedly was months ago - there were so many nasty comments about non Whites, that I just concluded White people on Reddit adored that sort of thing.

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but conservatives should have their say as well; because as of right now it's nothing more than far left socialist/communist eco chamber. thats why I somewhat like this site, you can voice your opinion that may be derogatory towards others opinion but as long as its within the "pyramid" you can say it rather than [deleted] [removed].

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Reddit = Word Nazi's!!!!!

I was just banned in the freaking Stims sub!!!!

Damn Reddit Tweakers.....Dope Whores!!!!

Triple Baawawwaerreaaw!!!!!!!

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Didn't jewish researchers recently pointed out that the rate of schizophrenia is highest among jewish people?

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Source? If true, it'd be interesting to see what the follow-up papers say.

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Search for "Genome-wide association study of schizophrenia in Ashkenazi Jews".

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Link for the lazy.

That's very interesting. If I remember about this in the future, I'll have a look to see which papers have cited this.

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denying holocaust should be considered leftwing, because it is related to rothschilds owning all banks, and banks bailout the rich, who then use their cash to bribe our politicians to move right