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Holy shit, Reddits trying to kill itself quickly.

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They're only doing what their investors tell them to do. It's not free speech. It's tighly controlled speech, such that once the majority of the popuation gets used to this level of control, there is no stopping the globalists from pushing for even more behind the scenes control. Oh wait, that already happens.

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Damn, Fuck investors and corporates man...they better not fucking come here...

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That's why we don't have ads on saidit

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    Community donations:

    We're just a few dollars shy of breaking even and have been for a few months.

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    Unless you crack down on free speech. Namely right wing speech, conspiracy theories, discussion of uncomfortable statistics, and scientific facts - essentially any challenge to the current mainstream narratives you will get deplatformed from Patreon.

    If you plan to die on the free speech hill you should make backup funding plans and create a legal Trust to defend the domain from seizure attempts - or just decide now to make such speech unwelcome so it's not a problem for you later.

    I say this to you as someone that is a regular poster on Voat, and Gab, and have seen the trials and tribulations both platforms have gone through for refusing to deplatform people speaking against things they don't like in our current society.

    I'm about as far right as you can go; but I'll gladly keep such discussions away from here if this place can eventually grow into a non-pozzed place to discuss topics like hobbies.

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    The deplatforming is a concern, but that's why we have all those cryptocurrency donation options available.

    We don't want this place to be as far right as voat, we kind of hope to hit more of a centrist middle-ground between reddit and voat. That's the group that doesn't really have a place to speak their mind, so that's why we created saidit.

    Thanks for the advice, I appreciate it.

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    Of course, I'm happy to see another attempt at less crappy social media. I'd hate to see this place vanish right after picking up a little steam.

    A final thought before bed; The main problem/challenge or source of drama, depending on your perspective - will be this: People with leanings like mine; when they first learn politically incorrect but scientifically indisputable facts - can not shut up about them.

    So, they'll attempt to "redpill" your centrists away from centrism by posting memes and other crude jokes based on statistics and facts like these:

    Lots of drama will result due to people taking offense at the unwelcome knowledge. Some of these folks will bypass you entirely and complain directly to the webhost/domain registrar/patreon, etc.

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    I agree, I am already dealing with that on a regular basis. You hit it exactly on the nose. We have no qualms with political incorrectness here, but we also do not wish to become voat. So there has to be limits on this type of hate-filled ideology that is being pushed taking over saidit as it did with voat.

    It's just about... I don't want saidit to be 50% made up of posts that are about how bad x people are. Where x is leftists or some race or religion or whatever. Saidit is not a hate-manufacturing machine like voat is, nor do we want it to be.

    Additionally, some people seem to intentionally push extreme ideologies (left and right) as a way to intentionally destroy forums. All finer and subtler discussion would eventually be destroyed when knee-jerk (but perhaps factual) extremist memes take over the front page and become the mainstream culture of the site. This is a weapon used to destroy sites, and I see that for what it is, and am prepared to deal with it, even knowing it won't be easy. We are adding the rule "no advocating violence against individuals or groups" as a new additional lowest level of the pyramid of debate. This will limit the amount of hate-filled material that can be posted, as well as cut down on intelligence agency bait (agent provocateur) threads, or "glow" threads as voat calls them. This is win/win for saidit.

    However there still needs to be perhaps another rule to completely prevent the slide in to voat, but I'm not sure exactly what it would be. Perhaps no posting about the same thing over and over and over, because those people are often just pushing an ideology. But that's kind of arbitrary and hard to enforce. I don't want to say "facts posted only to support hatred of groups or individuals" because that's ridiculous, that's like a blank check for admins to act like an authoritarians.

    But if someone is posting all the time (20+ times a day) with ONLY content designed to make you hate x people... that's the real issue. They're pushing a hateful ideology ONLY and have nothing else to offer. Everything they post has the exact same slant to it, and they don't bother to post unless that slant is present. I think those are the people who destroyed voat. It's like their full-time job, and it might actually be, for some of them. But I'm not sure exactly how to turn that in to a useful rule that won't need patching or changing.

    What do you think?

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    I notice extreme leftist and rightist ...they are somehow psychos and I think they use the politics to cover up themselves are psychos, they are very aggressive, and they know how to justify their aggressiveness under the term "politic".I think they just want to attack.

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    there you've broken even. Speak on!

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    Thank you very much Buddy_Ironwood! Most appreciated! You're awesome

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    It might be fun to say that all this subreddit banning is bad for reddit, but in truth it makes reddit more mainstream, and if anything, gives reddit a new lease on life. They can attract more capital investment if they can demonstrate for investors that they proactively clean up their platform.

    Free speech is a virtue, but reddit is not the only website on the Internet. There's no reason a site like saidit can't fill the need.

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    They really kicked the hornet's nest this time.

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    One can only hope