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Oh man this is dirty and deeper than just a 'quarantine'. I remember people digging into this when /r/911Truth was banned, there are different settings for both 'banned' and 'quarantined' that cause the accessibility to be different, and I don't think Reddit has disclosed them or explained them well.

But anyway I can't answer why the email address is so important. Maybe it's just to make you shake your fist and give up.

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More user data = more ad revenue and user data to sell = more profit

Simple as that. Reddit is going IPO.

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I see now, you can use the email address to identify that person in a completely different set of data.

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A different set of data, like a Facebook account. Which is linked to anything one of your friends may have entered as contact information for you in their phone. Which is your phone number, your work number, the cute little nickname your girlfriend uses for you...

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Definitely harvesting email address. Time to make a Protonmail or a random Gmail that you will never use again, just to get verified. I create tons of email that I don't even log back into after verifications. I never give out my real emails to companies.

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They, like other large tech companies, track your preferences. I suspect that reddit wants to target ads and possibly send emails to you in exchange for geld.

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I think I had still found some quarantined subreddit, some days ago, that did not require your e-mail address. But I have also seen 1-2 requiring

Not sure what is up with that, either.