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It's a shell of it's former self. Should be called r/slightlybutnottooedgy.

Ooh I take that back. Literally nothing but pictures of cats. Yikes! It's really starting to suck over there.

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I view it as more of a joke about how quickly reddit is to ban subs these days. Cat memes are about as offensive as they dare get without being banned. I like it. They know reddit is dying.

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I agree. They are mocking Reddit.

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I mean, I get the joke. It's just not funny. I remember when that sub was hilarious and made you feel bad for laughing at the same time. This is just some sad backhanded commentary about the inner politics of a website.

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Looks like they used the downtime to fill the new posts/first page with cats to hide the older content some. Jeez if they are really that worried they should just come over here.