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A good moderator improves a sub, keeping it clean of spam and the like, but a vetting process is pretty important. Else, you get stuff like this.

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Even the best vetting processes have a few chinks in the armour. In my opinion, a much more important skill is being able to respond in a timely manner in the event of a rogue moderator, and being able to reverse or at least mitigate some damage. What do you think?

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The response was good for sure. Reading the after-action post is what made me think about the vetting process though.

I was afraid this sub would also get banned if left unmoded so I loged into my account and added new mods to help out.

I did that by going through this subs history and picked about ten users with older reddit accounts who have recently been active here. Four of them said yes so I added FreeSpeechWarrior, GuardiaNES, Farnsworth_The_Dog and NiceBaitMate.

I wouldn't really consider that vetting. At least not well enough to give them the level of mod permissions needed to set the sub as Private. The most basic of mod powers would let them moderate posts and comments but nothing else.

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I'm Farnsworth over there.

The mistake made was full perms straight off the bat. Always restricted or zero perms for the first week to orientate folk with no Mod XP, then Modmail perms to respond to issues with users and so on and so forth.

Otherwise, shit like that happens.

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I wouldn't consider it vetting either. It was a last-ditch, tape-on-the-hull solution that really couldn't have turned out any other way. And yeah, he definitely should've managed permissions better. Hopefully stuff like this doesn't happen in the future.

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One method I used many a time in the past is when processing new mods when needed. Saved headaches many a time. Eigh7 was quick on the money here, and that reflected well in the post. Love me some transparency.

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He messed up, and he admitted it. Good communication is how communities should be run. One of the things I love about SaidIt is how active /u/Magnora7 is in the community, and how they do answer questions, unlike the reddit admins.

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Thanks :)

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Case in point! You could've ignored the comment, and no one would have held it against you, but you decided to personally reply to it. It creates a rapport with the community, something which is absolutely essential for a community in its infancy like SaidIt. It's part of the reason I still log on everyday! :)

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i support his non violent protest tho

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Is it what the community wanted though? Protest is great, but if the community wasn't supporting it they were being held hostage in a sense.

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if they disagree that reddit is dead they're idiots so who cares what they wanted. not held hostage it was for just a few hours, a good protest does need to inconvenience proles like a march getting in the way of traffic. agitprop.