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Those could be cherry picked stats for sure, but does Reddit even hold any mainstream appeal anymore?

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Betteridge's law of headlines

Reddit is 7th most visited website in the world.

If it's dying, it's some new meaning of "dying" that I'm not familiar with.

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I think there needs to be a distinction between traffic and the production of new material here. You could argue... And I wouldn't in this case, I think Reddit is likely doing just fine... That you could get millions of visitors daily, but the fact that nobody is interacting will mean that, over the next few years, they will dry up as they realise it's all old material they are looking at. Ergo - Your site is the 7th most visited in the world, but there are signs that this will change very soon.

Again, I doubt it. It could be a lull or any number of other factors. Despite its flaws, Reddit remains popular as far as I can tell.

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Visitors is a proxy for advertising revenue.

They're crazy successful at the moment.

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It's like you didn't read what I said.

I'll try again, but shorter:

Visitors are good. Visitors come to see new content.
If no new content is created, over time visitors will drop.
It could be that the person reporting this feels that the lack of new content is a sign that the site will soon have far less visitors.

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If no new content is created, over time visitors will drop.

Reddit seems to be resilient to that, if posts to r/funny is a good proxy for posts to all subs in Reddit.

I note that it's possible for all subreddits to see fewer posts while Reddit overall sees more. Because the number of subreddits is growing.

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I tend to agree that Reddit is resilient, and I think lulls and peaks are pretty normal. I think, as far as actual dangers to Reddit's numbers go, its biggest threat might be the more appealing, visually stimulating short form video content like TikTok - What kind of kid with a Reddit IQ wants to sit and read something when they can get the same info, shortened to the point of irrelevance, coupled with an image of a person doing something while the bottom half of the screen is another person looking directly at them, nodding, pointing and looking smug, while music plays?

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TikTok certainly has its generation of people.

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Consensus engineering is very risky.

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Probably same amount of people but bots increase daily

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Probably same amount of people but bots increase daily

It's concerning to hear that the number of bots is increasing daily, potentially skewing the data and interactions on this platform. As a community, we should be vigilant and proactive in identifying and addressing these bots to maintain the integrity and authenticity of our discussions. Has anyone noticed any patterns or behaviors that could help us identify and report these bots effectively? Let's work together to keep our community bot-free and ensure meaningful interactions for all users.

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Be sure to self report if you're a bot

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Be sure to self report if you're a bot

Reported for spam!

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Yes. Reddit is dying. Bots inflate activity. Mods lack the full extent of mod tools. The quality is in decline. Greedy API changes and abusive advertising. And the only mods that would subject themselves to this torture are power-tripping narcissistic mods.