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Notice reddit is catering to China's censorship demands. Why? Because CHINA is the internationalists future as are all the BRIC countries. It never was going to be a western world order.

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It does seem this way. Even Israel is letting China manage their biggest port.

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Israel, Iran, China, Russia, Syria Belt Road Inititive. All that the US has a war to keep the dolalr afloat and it's gulf state allies, some of which favor the geopolitics of the east. The whole western globalist conspiracy is and of itself a psyop. The US is suppose to fall and in the future Russia, and CHINA will become the nwo.

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i agree on all accounts.. the multipolar nwo is the real nwo, and they used and will continue to use american canon fodder, ip and tax money to further augment and strengthen it. but the un and the aristocrats behind it are at the top. the european royals.

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Mods openly say they're catering to new Chinese owners

Smells of planned trolling to me.

The idea that Tencent buys <10% of reddit and is able to implement censorship on day 1 is really hard to believe, sorry.

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Why? They already have censorship systems in place for years now, why wouldn't they add a few more things to that list if they're about to be given a billion dollars?

These are people motivated by money, not information freedom, please remember.

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I agree 100%, reddit is heavily manipulated - but a minor stake in a $2+ billion company doesn't change who's running the show. Reddit is still a US company, operating on US soil, and its management and top-admins and hw and servers are all at the physical mercy of only one government - and it's not the Chinese.

Then just hrs after the investment was announced some admins "admit" they censor content to please their new Chinese overlords - I just can't bring myself to believe it. Seems crazy that the old media-manipulation machinery would roll over that easily.

However, if I was a professional perception-controller (with n ntrepid licenses) and I wanted to spook a western audience about the great new menace of China - I would do just that... make fake claims about "them taking over" to trigger a standard "were not gonna let them!" reaction.

That's just my random thoughts. There are so many layers of deception on reddit that I take nothing there at face value.

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This could be advertising to foreign governments. You could have censorship rights too...

The IPO firesale is coming soon...

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That is an interesting point...

They could be eager pleasers reacting quickly in an effort to drum up additional investment. The reaction time is interesting.