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Having been permabanned for not breaking the rules, and having a mod actually send me a keylogger and reddit refused to do anything about it telling me "they are a mod, it's ok.", I am quite sure NO ONE is surprised, and Reddit will be going the way of Digg soon enough. Biased, partisan sellouts tend to die pretty quickly as soon as a alternative arrives.

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I just hope a similar community arises. I see X is doing that now, and Facebook has had groups forever. But the anonymity and emphasis on individual communities is a strong differentiator for reddit

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X is just as bad IMO. At least with the garbo sites like Reddit or the old Twitter you knew EXACTLY what to expect, even if we hated it, but X you just have no clue. Elon changes his mind and stances like I change my underwear... weekly. Reddit is just garbage, and it's users are just horrible entitled brats with little grip on reality, Facebook is all for old people pumping their conspiracy crap. I like saidit because they allow for anyone to speak openly and with the exception of the few people that have not figured out you do not have to try and get a "gotcha" for anything you talk about here, you can just talk, it has been great here.... it just is lacking people now. I would rather have a small userbase that are sane and can actually talk about issues and things going on without instantly being called a racist istaphobe and banned. I have never seen softer fucking children than on Reddit and old Twitter. At least X has been cutting down on that and it feels like killed a good portion of the bots those insane users would use to silence others.

I assume, since you are hear and openly speaking that you agree with me on at least that much, if not each individual piece. Elon bought Twitter at the worst time IMO as it was on it's way down due to just not being profitable, what with all those far left insane people who DO NOT spend money on anything because they can't hold jobs down due to their ignorance and inability to do their job instead of doing the activism. Now X has to go overboard with monetization to course correct, and that has cause Elon to have to go back on a lot of his promises, and that in turn has lost him credibility as well as fans.

You can SEE the obvious issues a site like saidit that allows anyone to speak where you get Reddit implants trying to "sound" what they think far right people speak like... and probably 1 in 20 of these are actual racists, but as a whole it makes the site look bad, but if they ban them then they are no better than Reddit. I do not have a solution for this, but like you I hope a similar community exists that gets popular... we desperately need more users here and more content. I don't need all right leaning shit, give me a good variety, and we desperately need more posts with like jokes, memes, and just non-political/new content. I think this is probably the largest thing that killed Reddit is that the politics subs because the MAIN subs of the site, and that attracted all the worst most delusional far left crybullies who then destroyed then whole site forcefully jamming their politics and ideology into everything, then just going full fascist. Judging by a lot of posts I see here, I fear saidit is going to go the same way and become an echo chamber in it's own right, just not far left.

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    I think that pendulum has started to swing the other way. Normal people doing nothing at all and even supporting others are TIRED of being told they are horrible, less people that fakers, and are all guilty of horrible actions just because of their skin color, sex, or sexual orientation.... the VERY thing the LGBT community fought so hard against. Because of this, it is no longer profitable to BE woke, far left or far right, and companies care about one thing more than anything else, money. Money is not there, then the agenda is not going to be there anymore. And Reddit is NOT making money... they have alienated MORE than half the population, and it is a SUPER limited amount of time before that shit folds as such, or they have to roll back the extreme left crap. Personally I think they should die as they are a large corporation now, and hilariously they are the VERY thing their user base hates, but their user base is too stupid to know better.

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      And are losing hard now. Disney is pulling it back, WB is pulling it back, Budweiser wishes they could pull it back, and others. The money is NOT there because these people do not spend any. They alienated their actual customers, their paying ones, and all they are left with is a bunch of talk, pandering, and no profits. The few companies still trying this shit are on their last hurrah and thier boards and investors are tired of losing money for shallow, hallow, bullshit that does literally nothing but lose money.

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      Will copy this post over to s/BotsofReddit

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      It's worse than that, admins periodically ban people who disagrees with them by making up claims and by exaggerating transgressions. When someone they agree with does something worse, nothing happens.

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      I assume this is because they don't want to use AHS to target subs publicly, both so that mods won't know they're being targeted, and so they don't make it easy to find based subs.

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      AHS is kind of separate. It's puppetted by them, but it's never been anything more than a front for making up excuses to ban subreddits.

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      I got a two day ban from r/Chicago. Then I accidentally commented on a suggested post from that sub on my alt account and got permanently banned by Reddit. It seems like perma bans are being more frequented?? The account they banned I’ve had for 5 years

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      "You are on this Council. But we do not grant you the rank of powermod."

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      r/conspiracy had it right when they pegged Ghislaine Maxwell as a power mod. Reddit as a whole is nothing but different sectors of her people babbling back and forth with eachother, add bot-spice to taste.

      It is the neckbeard allied to the yuppy, the gender-studies major with the incel. It's where weak and idiot men go after being rejected on dating apps after they beat their dicks raw and it shows in every post and every discourse.

      It's not r/circlejerk, it's post circlejerk.

      Except for r/berserklejerk if they're still up, those fools are the coolest.

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      She was a mod for that? Lol. I got permanently banned from that sub like months ago. Got in a debate with the fuckin mod in the comment sections and he perma banned me