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The image seems to be against authoritarian establishment democrats to me, the opposite of Reddits normal.

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I think I've seen these pictures before. I remember thinking that, no matter what they are about, they are pretty well done. If I remember right, if you find the originals, the cops all have a star of David on their uniform and it says something like... Zion Enforcement or something?

Yeah, yeah here we go. This was the one I was thinking of. The same artist.

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Tineye seems to think was the first to post August, 2015... and it does have the Star Of David patches.

Dean Dees. Apparently that artist was hated and prosecuted for his political artwork for a very long time, even kicked out of countries and on the run. He claimed people were trying to kill him, and described being affected with what is now well known directed energy weapons, shortly before he died of years of mysterious medical problems. It seems everyone who knew him thinks he was murdered. "I failed to consider how the parasite controllers cancer out people all the time."

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their put to Nuremberg trials are future