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Redditors are such faggy clowns. Truly the effervescent scum of the Internet. The sooner that site dies and it's cretinous inhabitants are scattered like the rats they are to the four corners of cyberspace the better

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    I consider myself a leftist but support the BOR which are routinely violated. Particularly amendments 1 2 4 5 6 7 and 8

    1: Censorship by tech

    1. Gun control

    2. Illegal Search and seizure. Bail is supposed to be a deposit. I've never once received my bail back--drug, DWI ( now don't drink) and nuisance crimes

    3. Forced confessions without a lawyer present.

    4. Speedy trials are not so speedy

    5. Right to a jury of the peers is subject to jury nullification

    6. Cruel and Unusual punishment. I've only been to jail on minor offenses. State Pens are a lot worse.

    I'm an advocate for getting people out of jail/prison whether they looted businesses in 2020 or took souvenirs from the Capitol. The punishment doesn't fit the crime

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    I hate leftist and wish to put them all in gulags

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    You forget that the dumber people are the more kids they have, I should trademark that as my law before someone else claims it. Smart people in a few more generations are as likely as winning the lottery. AKA reddit can never die.

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    Maharishi's Law: The less intelligent the couple, the more likely they are to reproduce.
    The way it's said colloquially: Idiots spread like a rash.

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    Evil people are also more likely to reproduce. Nature is almost entirely bad. And yet 99.9% of the world still somehow feels that "natural law" is a good foundation for morality and ethics.

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    Millials dunno how to raise kids either. Especially white ones. I see a father my age try to negotiate with the kid why he shouldn't have been playing and ruining my food

    Contrast that wirh black parents who lightly hit their kids. Hispanic moms are great as herding their kids.

    When I've seen kids run into tbe street, more oftrn than not they're white.

    To be clear this has to do more with class than race. Working class now are more responsible parents.

    Yell at the 2yo don't negotiate

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    Yep, My generation are the worst parents.

    In fact I think now is actually one of the best times to have kids because you only have to give the slightest bit of discipline and attention to your kids and they will easily be top of their class and achieve more than the rest of the spoilt brats.

    The women my age on tiktok actually have the cheek to call their emotional neglect "breaking generational trauma cycles" when they are clearly creating them.

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    You forget that the dumber people are the more kids they have

    Ironically, this often repeated assertion is the ultimate dumb take. Anyone who makes it I immediately categorise as a deluded idiot (deluded, because they obviously don't include themselves amongst the 'dumb' people they are pissing on).

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    Hey! I tried to promote my books on there. Then my habits got the better of me and learned out to procure substances on the site and showed off like a modest Hunter Biden. The site was useful in informing me on my LSAT being very aversge. It csn be a useful too. I worked in the alternative press until covid then our site laid off 75% of rhe workers.

    I use reddit to try unify.. Since I posted hundreds of pictures of drugs, I've anonymized my book and doubled the price on it. I can trade legal hallucinogens openly on thr site and sell them. Point being Reddit has put money in my pocket, albeit modestly. It's a great place to comisserare with fellow White Sox fans or people my age who have no future

    Censorship has been a problem on the drug subreddits. It jsed to have a sub with the reputable sellers. That's been concerned. Possibly with lethal consequences. Yeah also political censorship is a bitch of course.

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    I didn't even know there was a /r/place going on. Why won't this website just die.

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    See how free and open we are? You can criticize our CEO!

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    Yes- as long as your political views are acceptable you have freedom of speech. It's quaint how Reddit demonstrated how censorship is a necessary tool in preserving freedom of speech.

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    Didn't some people write "there are only 2 genders?"

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    I hope so

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    How fragile do you have to be to get upset over something like that?

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    Fact; not sarcasm

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    Trying to understand this thread without context or clicking the time lapse was impossible.

    And why did the aspect ratio keep changing? Was it directed by Zack Snyder?

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    why did the aspect ratio keep changing? Was it directed by Zack Snyder?

    aspect ratio changes when admins increase canvas size

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    I read what you typed. But It's not as funny as what I said. So I will assume you meant to say:

    "Yes, it was directed by Zack Snyder, and it only cost an additional 300 million dollars and the death of another adopted young Chinese girl. Who also committed suicide for some unknown reason."

    Geeze buddy. You are dark.

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    Yeah I saw that yesterday haha