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It has been extreme left for at least the last 10 years.

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No it was always left but now the unlogged in front page is extremely far left.

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The slide began over a decade ago

You have barely noticed now

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I can't imagine the power that site holds on you that even after being banned you still look at it.

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You must have just noticed, they've been like that for a while.

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Has gone?

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It was hard left before, now it is socialism out in the open lead by fascism left.

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rip van winkle over here

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It's absurdly extreme left, manufactured consent run rampant.

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Well a lot of subs were already extreme left so It's no surprise this happened.

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its not extreme any more

the sickness is mainstream left

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One thing I've noticed is my IP address is no longer banned, few days back I forgot to turn on my vpn and was posting comments for a while. After about a week I'm still not using my vpn and still able to comment with ease. BTW I don't hold back when saying what I think and have had comments removed for "hate" speech and or "inciting hatred", I will call out people for being shit for brains so I guess reddit thinks that's hatrid.

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Really? I'm seeing it swing to the right now, tbh. I see more and more posts that a year or so ago would have been brigaded off the platform.

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My experience has been the opposite. Since June 15th the site seems to be more moderate than it has been since 2016.

Before 2011 the site was just liberal, and in that I mean they had a slight left lean, but they were more anti-authoritarian than particularly left V right. They had a very strong libertarian contingent for example and I remember they were all obsessed with Ron Paul just like they later were for Bernie Sanders.

In 2011 occupy Wallstreet happened and reddit decided they wanted to blindly support that the same way they support Ukraine now and BLM before that. They refused to look at any of the nuance and just have a with us or against us mentality. But this was tame by current standards.

In 2014 Pao took over as CEO and started the first wave of banning subreddits that didn't adhere to reddit's ideology. At first it was under the guise of stopping child porn on reddit, then it expanded to porn in general that isn't verified to an extent that becomes unreasonable for anyone not selling their body. Then it started drifting into political ideology.

But it was 2016 when Trump got elected reddit lost its damned mind just like SNL and the rest of the world. Since then it's become insanely left.

But after the recent purge, it seems small enough and most of the sites that went completely private or dark or just post John Oliver memes are the most far left subreddits. As such reddit seems to have gotten more moderate lately than it has been since 2016.