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Aren't they banning 3rd party apps, too? Getting ready for the IPO?

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modern llm's cost change caused this in some essential way (see hackernews).

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I got banned a week ago on some complete bullshit and they locked my sub, /r/random_shit, which was mostly shitposts, memes, and the occasional rant. They went back exactly six months to pick some dumb bullshit and flagged 15 different innocuous things as "hate against a protected class." Total made-up whiny progressive bullshit reasons on posts I made like "why SJWs always project" and memes from the show The Boondocks (that the white soyjaks that make up the mods on there probably have never seen before or understand.)

They not only banned my account of nine years (I barely even posted on Reddit; maybe once every ten days), but two alt accounts I hadn't used in years that had my username in it. For all they know, those accounts might not have even been me that they were banning. It could've been someone else with a similar name. They just had part of my username in them, and they banned those too without even thinking if they were someone else or not.

Seeing this post here, I think they're doing this purge sitewide now, because my "banning" was complete bullshit, though not that unexpected considering the shitstains that run Reddit.

I'd also advise against going to the Reddit alternative GirlsAskGuys, as they did this same shit January 1st, 2023, banning me and hundreds of others on there because they hired a bunch of assholes Musk fired from Twitter to be their admins. That site/app is now the new Reddit but before that, it used to be fun and very much intellectually 'diverse' and politically balanced (conservatives, independents, and sane liberals on there.) Now, GirlsAskGuys is Reddit 2.0.

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Clear proof Reddit is doing user IP tracing as part of their corporate surveillance.

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They definitely do that. They will re-ban you if they can fingerprint you (eg. IP address) as a previously banned account.

They even gave us a warning a couple months ago about not re-adding admins under alt accounts who were previously banned. So it's not exactly a secret.

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Its really weird because I got permabanned from Reddit once, so then I started VPNing from a new account, different country and the Brave browser, and I got permabanned again for something different and really stupid. I contested it, they lifted my ban from my new alt account via VPN, which also somehow lifted my first ban and now I shit post on Reddit freely without a VPN.

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Got to make sure their favorite "oppressed" classes are feeling extra safe and protected this month UwU.

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For an oppressed class they sure do a lot of the oppressing.

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Reminds me of that one meme picture of a kid with a boot pressed down on his face. And then you see a fuller version of the picture, and the kid's got his own hand inside the boot, holding it in place. The only people "oppressing" them are themselves, for victim points.

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They only like free speech when they’re doing the speaking.

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They started to suspend my account from that sub. A few narcs lurked that place and would report users to the admin. Once I couldn't speak freely I dropped peddit for good.

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Welcome to Saidit!

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There's no such thing as pride month

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audacity life

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I'm waiting for sloth month.

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Pride month is a pedophilic cringe fest.

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My girlfriend got warned by the reddit admins that she would be banned if she promoted any more "trans hate" comments. What was her "hateful" comment? She said that trans females are literally unable to feel the same kind of orgasm as a real woman because 1) They've got a prostate and 2) Nerves are wired differently. And the topic? It was someone asking if trans females could theoretically feel the same kind of orgasm as a real woman. The fucking gender cosplayers are fucking nuts over there. I wish there were more trans people like Buck Angel out there. He's at least got the reality down that he's a woman that looks like a man.

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If she's a woman, then stop pretending she's a he.

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Yeah, I keep doing that with Buck Angel, because she's so damn convincing as a man that I automatically say "he". But yes, as per her twitter bio "Female who lives as a man". Best part? I don't fucking think she cares about what fucking pronoun you use. But, it's hilarious that you're triggered like an SJW about it, cuckboy.

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How big was your sub?

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Around 1750 I think. Was pretty high traffic with lots of comments.

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Damn. Fuck those retarded basement dwelling reddit tranny admins.

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Reddit is run by incel tech nerds, being gay / trans is basically one of the avenues in which they feel they can get laid. So it's best not to go after gays.... they're incels at the end of the day, and incels aren't known for being rational or fair.

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    It's not easy to move local subs off reddit.

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    Saidit should just import reddit content posts and separately marked comments here somehwo

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    Excuse me, but why the fuck would we wanna bring over their brand of industrial strength idiocy HERE? GTFO normie.