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What is with the obsession with trannies in the west? Anywhere else in the world people have bigger problems to deal with but for some reason every headline, article, tweet, meme, whatever is about these confused ass niggas. I just don't get it.

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Males without access to women, land or social status spend a lot of time on the internet climbing internet hierarchies. Also the established hierarchy works off of blackmail circles closely tied to this fad so... you get this.

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it's part of the globalist/marxist agenda. It started decades ago by infiltrating civil rights and gender studies, and recently exploded outside universities into major institutions like news, entertainment, politics, etc. The link is not super obvious, but the fact that language is being constantly changed is one piece of evidence. That's really what the whole controversy is about... definition of terms as to who exactly should be called man/woman. The issue would be a million times less controversial if it was ONLY about freedom of expressing your gender, but it's not. They want to restructure language and force everyone to think differently, typical ideological tactic. If they just created their own fucking terms, very few people would be complaining about it.

In summary: the West is under attack by postmodernism, marxism, and globalism in a perfect storm of changing language for sexual revolutions that will somehow also lead to the end of capitalism.

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First world problems from humans with no real challenges in their lives.

I also believe it's a product of extreme porn being widely and commonly available, intense social media usage, and a population of useless men who are biological dead ends.

Forty years ago, besides the homosexual transsexuals, the dude who liked to wear his wife's panties was that one guy in town who was ashamed enough to keep his fetish in the bedroom, or that really weird guy who was clearly off his rocker that most people avoided. Now they are able to congregate on the internet and reinforce their otherwise socially unacceptable behavior.

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They have political and social power over here and are trying to twist our society to fit their sex denialism.