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A lot of sites are banned now. I use a special technique to post links there.

1 - First post with neutral place-holder text only.
2 - Then post a reply to your own post(or reply) with the forbidden links. This will be shadowbanned.
3 - Go back and edit the text of the first post to point to the reply. You can get it via "permalink"

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This saddens me, though it no longer surprises me. I've followed Zerohedge for information since 2010. The reason I read them is because I've consistently been accurately informed about subjects months/years ahead of the information showing up in other sources. The Hunter Biden story is the perfect example. As a ZH reader, I've been on this story since 2014, when Hunter showed up on the board of Burisma. My birth family - mainstream news consumers - found out about Hunter from me at that time. They would not have known about it except because I told them. Now look where we are.

It's depressing, because that's just one example. The people in the mainstream universe are incapable of acknowledging the absolute corruption of their premises, while places like Zerohedge have specialized in shining a spotlight on precisely that corruption. If ZH were wrong, that would be one thing, but time after time over the past twelve years, the cynical "conspiracy theory" take has been proven right.

I saw a great meme recently (maybe here on saidit? not sure) that we have a shortage of conspiracy theories in the west today, because they've all been converted to conspiracy fact. Zerohedge has been declared a "conspiracy theory" website. Exactly. And they have been proven right, way more often than they have been proven wrong. Within a few years of each story they are blasted for, they end up being vindicated.

I am profoundly disturbed that people continue to follow the mainstream storyline. Just how many time does the MSM/social media universe have to be proven to be literal "disinformation" before the average person can make the generalization that they are ALWAYS lying to us? Just how stupid has our population become?

This is why I keep coming back to SSRI's and related psychoactive prescription drugs. It looks to me like we have designed a generation of people hardwired to be incapable of skepticism.

I continue to read Zerohedge, and so far they continue to be on the right stories. When they appear to be wrong, I'll move on, but not yet.

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Part of it is the education system too, designed after the Prussian schooling system, which was designed to create obedient soldiers after Prussia lost the Battle of Jena in 1806 due to poor obedience. Then they became super-obedient and prussia grew to a huge size and the model of schooling was re-tooled and copied for US schools, to make obedient workers for the industrial system. This system has been perfected. Education is 80% about obedience training, and 20% about learning.

But yes also the pills and drugs and tv and internet... a lot of people don't question things out of fear because they'll lose their jobs or friends. The real tragedy is how fragile people have become, which is probably because of a life of high comfort... hard times build strong men, strong men build good times, good times makes weak men, weak men make hard times....

Zerohedge has a right-leaning bias, but most media has a left-wing bias, so in reality it getting banned is just a matter of tribalism, rather than the matter of factual correctness the reddit admins assume it to be.

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Same for bitchute.

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How many more sites are there? We should make a list

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Wikipedia and Politifact need to add themselves to their own lists. Probably all of them, but I know those two are compromised.

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muh pandemic

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Same for Big League Politics.

Blocked for either the Duane Dixon story or the Ralph Northam story.

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All .win sites are auto-banned on Facebook. makes for a good proxy.

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I actually have a long record of promoting Saidit itself on reddit. Comments or posts with Saidit links aren't usually shadow-banned but It does happen.

One of my favorite tactics to promote Saidit is create my usual string of posts in Saidit and crosspost them to reddit while promoting the site. I actually managed to get many posts with several thousands of upvotes crossposted to the front page of r/conspiracy leading to Saidit for a good amount of time until I started getting heavily targeted. My posts usually reached 3,000 to 5,000 if not more upvotes on a regular basis but now I'm lucky if they go beyond 300. The Intelligence groups know I'm the most dangerous conspiracist.

Overall they don't like the idea of there being sites like Saidit that they don't fully control. Speaking of which, people really need to think of creative ways of promoting the site like I did. I still do what I can but I got my hands tied.

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Until that's banned to.

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It seems Reddit is just following big techs lead in regards to Zerohedge.

My country banned Zerohedge in 2019 after the Christchurch attack.

Telstra and Optus also blocked the sites in Australia. Besides 4chan and 8chan, ISP-level blocking affected the social network Voat, the blog Zerohedge, video hosting site LiveLeak, and others. "The ban on 4chan was lifted a few hours later," AAP wrote.

Twitter banned Zerohedge in 2020 for 'abuse and harrassment' -
Twitter later restored their account:

However after this, Google and Facebook 'independently' scrubbed Zerohedge out of existence:

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Can Reddit even be called Reddit if they won't let you read it?

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Why? Is zero hedge fake news?

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They apparently think so but it's actually somewhat reliable and interesting. Just shows how narrow their tolerance of different types of information is. This is why saidit exists

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This is why saidit exists

If that's true and saidit is suppose to be a free speech alternative to reddit then why do administrators quietly toggle certain subs off of the s/all feed?

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SaidIt is not free speech. Never has been.
SaidIt is free-thinking and truth-seeking.

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Flagged for misinformation.

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I don't know anything about zerohedge (although it sounds interesting). I am surprised though that they didn't put up their own website to shadow their most important content. I don't know why content authors give up editorial control, in this fashion, to the global tech elites.

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Not given up. Taken.

Much like offense is taken.

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Thanks for the update magnora, this is all so tiring. I've been using reddit more as a barometer lately. Have an old account that I have to eventually let go of. We've chatted on there several times (different user name.)

The only two places I'm comfortable posting, are here, and a private forum that I'd rather not mention.

Our world keeps getting smaller and smaller, but I'm convinced we can turn it around.

The key being, to focus on yourself and your own consciousness development, so we can all figure out how to contribute in unique ways. I think if more people took that on, our reality would slowly begin to change.

As you know, what it all comes down to, is building a new system, and letting the old one fall away.

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The key being, to focus on yourself and your own consciousness development, so we can all figure out how to contribute in unique ways. I think if more people took that on, our reality would slowly begin to change.

As you know, what it all comes down to, is building a new system, and letting the old one fall away.

Well said! Couldn't agree more. The more the old systems collapse under their own weight, the more useful alternatives become. And that applies to websites, cultures, and mindsets.

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well said.

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And yet, they shill zionism left and right, so they are far from THE TRUTH either way... Although I do agree with much of what gets published on the site.

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I like ZH, but of course you're correct; they aren't perfect. With any source, we must be skeptical. That goes without saying. When I read something interesting anywhere that I haven't seen before, I still have to go and see what is said about the subject in other sources.

Part of the reason I've come to appreciate ZH is precisely because of the responses they generate. I will look at how the mainstream responds to what they publish, and those responses are so absurdly, desperately pathetic that it confirms the original datapoint. I always look for balance to whatever perspective is put forth. I am consistently amazed by the low quality of the responses by the mainstream when they attempt to "debunk" what ZH has written. It's the over-the-top-crap quality of their "debunking" that very often solidifies the original ZH story for me.

Do they have a biased perspective? Absolutely, and I don't always agree with it, but I do always respect that their perspective can reasonably be reached with the factual information they present (whether I agree or not, at least it's a consistent argument). In the mainstream universe they long ago divorced their opinions from any actual factual evidence on the ground. Their perspective doesn't even remotely fit the obvious reality on the ground. The classic example being "fiery but mostly peaceful".

It's amazing to witness, as we on here are all so familiar with.

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Very well put, my friend.

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can't have any truth leak into their propaganda....

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I can't go on there two days without getting temp banned now for bullshit as well as the usual casual banning from subs. You simply can't express certain ideas. And the kind of stuff I write there is the same kinda stuff I write here. It's nothing radical.

I think that's significantly worse than banning zerohedge, which has promoted Russian propaganda.

What the hell is the point of a forum where you can only say the approved things? This is some 1984 meets the shady cyberpunk megacorp bullshit.

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I haven't posted on reddit in a month and they just randomly banned a huge account I have.

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I think they were applying the new rules retroactively, probably automated. My first ban was like that, had to go on (sucks) to see a link and noticed I was banned. I hadn't written anything in a while either. Second ban, now that I think about it was more of the same shit, since mentioning pedos and lgbT is now banned but it wasn't when I had mentioned it.

I mean, this is NAMBLA finally infiltrating LGB under the trans-shield keeping it from being criticized. But you can't say that on reddit....

huge account

I wouldn't call my accounts huge, but they were fairly popular. I feel like that gets you extra targeted.

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I think that's significantly worse than banning zerohedge, which has promoted Russian propaganda.

This is an important point that needs to be understood when reading ZH. Zerohedge definitely adopts elements of Russian propaganda. I say this as a follower of the site. So do Infowars and Breitbart. All these sources align too often with what is found on RT for coincidence.

I will not deny a connection between ZH and Russia, nor with these other sites and Russia. As a matter of fact, I read RT as well, which is why I'm confident ZH and the others are indeed aligned with the Russian government position.

But here's the thing. While all governments have a bias, that doesn't mean that what they say is guaranteed to be wrong. As I said in my above comment, the reason I continue to read ZH - even with my internal assumption that they are associated with Russian propaganda - is that they continue to be proven correct time and time again. In their analyses of events both domestic and abroad, the stories they are presenting are initially virulently attacked, and then very often - within a couple of years - they become mainstream fact, accepted by the dominant media.

The US establishment - as represented here on saidit by Socks - paints a very simple picture: if a site like ZH says it, it is by definition a lie, in the words of Socks, "a shitpost".

That doesn't fly. I repeat I have been following the Hunter Biden story for 8 years now, and sure as hell ZH was right from the beginning. There are so many stories where I can dig into Zerohedge's reporting and discover the flagrant lies being told by the subjects of that reporting I can no longer count. Many of those stories, btw, are with regard to Russia. Look into the Magnitsky act and the role of Bill Browder. Zerohedge has been absolutely correct on that story. These are not "(s)he said / (s)he said" situations. The stories I'm talking about are places where the same damned person says one thing and then 18 months later 180 degrees says the opposite thing. Bill Browder under oath tells a very different story about Magnitsky than he told congress to get the Magnitsky Act passed.

So yes, Zerohedge is aligned with Russia.

What about the many many times that we are discovering that Russia was right?

Serious food for thought.

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I agree. I also read RT occasionally and frequently ZeroHedge. It's certainly not all crap, but there has been some egregious propaganda and that's worth keeping in mind. But reading different country's news is a great way to get the feel for what's bullshit in our own.

Russian interests, even though I admire their anti-globohomo stance, are not American interests. They are not my interests. And on that point, I consider u/socks an internet friend, his penchant for egregious liberal propaganda and being wrong about pretty much everything aside, he's not a bad dude. However, his interests are also certainly not America's.

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I wasn't, but I'm not surprised. Reddit admins have had a secret blacklist of domains that are insta-deleted. A mod confirmed this to me when they noticed one of my messages had been flagged for review, and even they couldn't approve it.

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They also instantly ban any mention of Soph.

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What has SHE been up to? I used to be a fan and follow her fascinating views on things, until she became a private for-pay only webmedia ... ghost.

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You should subscribe if you aren't desperately poor, she's pretty good. this is a snip, the "episodes" are really long.

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She could post her videos on Odysee, but yeah it's hard to make an income from that. You're right, maybe I should give her money.

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She has a ton of stuff on subscribestar. She was blacklisted by all the jewish sites, you can't blame her.

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She's retarded. Watch any debate stream and it's pretty obvious all of her videos are written by somebody else.

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Literally nothing you ever watch is not written by several people. People can see for themselves from this clip that she is intelligent and you are a liar.

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Watch her debate destiny faggot

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I heard Zerohedge peddles harmful far right conspiracy theories that endanger lives of marginalized people of color