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Still a man.

Always will be.

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None of our business what she is.

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Yeah, and it's "none of our business" that this obvious creep is a furry fetishist or a pedo either, right?

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Furry? (as in animal?

Fetishist? (as in people who have fetishes - like everyone?)

Pedo? Are all trans/intersex people pedophiles?

Apologies for not knowing these first 2 terms, but do I have to know them?

Perhaps there is an intersex person who is not a pedophile? (Of the 130 million intersex people.

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Hey man you said it yourself. It's none of our business that this obvious creep has a huge throbbing boner for fucking little kids and animals. We should just pretend this creep lives in a bubble and has 0 interaction with potential victims. You are so right. "Just living life" in a vacuum. A large sized creep getting rock hard boners for little kids is totally not relevant to anyone else AT ALL. Everyone should just butt out cause it's CLEARLY none of our business what this deranged fuckface does to get their dick off. Such a super pedo creep clearly doesn't have any sort of powerful dick fueled drive to interact with and groom minors at all. Nope. Why do people even care about kids? Why care about others at all? None of our business really.

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How poetic.

Report him to the police.

(He's not guilty until proven guilty.)

Again - why are these people called furry, or fetishist? (One could have lots of hair, or have a fetish for postage stamps, but now it seems the terms have other meanings.)

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Again - why are these people called furry, or fetishist

Furries dress up in anthropomorphic fur suits or have online animal personas for sexual gratification. How do you not know these terms?

... Were you homeschooled?

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(Seems I've not really enjoyed life, have I....)

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Furries are widely reviled. Aimee, her hubby, and their lover are into that. Look into r/yiff at your own peril.