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Oh, ok. I just think languages are cool, so I get excited seeing foreign languages in the wild.

I'm also an adult male native English speaker who lives in an English speaking country. That's about the worst possible circumstance to be in for learning other languages

Yeah, it does seem so. In non-English-speaking countries, it's common to learn English because of its widespread use and because of how advantageous it is. In English-speaking countries, you already know English.

(You don't have to learn other languages if you're not interested or if they seem too hard. That's perfectly fine.)

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Even in other countries I hear the natives refuse to speak to you in their language. And even if they didn't it's just easier to converse in english. Also the adult brain is bad at picking up new languages. So is the male brain. And english is the simplest, most devoid of concepts and grammer language in existence. So someone from Scandinavia can easily pick up english by merely learning the words and knowing what extra grammatical concepts not to use, while the other way around with an english speaker trying to learn their language is extremely hard because they don't know their higher concepts.