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Not really, I just know enough words to annoy nazis

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Ah, ok. I was asking because I think that language learning is a cool hobby. It's just one that takes a lot of dedication. (And me, myself, not having enough dedication to actually spend effort on learning to read, write, and speak a language, am also only learning a few words in other languages. I still think languages are cool though.)

If you like languages, I once found something cool online. They're sample problems from some "Linguistics Olympiad" thing (they're basically just puzzles). I've only tried a few of them, and many were too hard for me, but yeah, it's just for fun.

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Yeah, it's too hard, I'm actually on the same page as you there.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is how nearly every hobby feels for me. I can improve to a point but in the end I'm just not able to get it.