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A person who has never made mistakes? That seems very hard to find, almost impossible! Why would I miss out on an opportunity to meet such a person?

You already know someone like that. It's you! I'm not kidding, you are that type who does everything right. I've never seen you make a single mistake, even when it's nearly impossible not to. If you do, it's rare and tiny. I was at least half as good as you when I was younger but for some reason when puberty came I hit rock bottom and it keeps getting worse and I don't know what to do, and I think I'll probably be stuck like this forever and ever and ever.

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I don't think that I'm the person you think I am lol. I think it's because when you're online, you don't have to show everything to the world. You don't have to talk about any decisions you regret, how you regularly feel, etc. If you've been working on something for years and failed 5 times, you still only have to show the final form of the product (this isn't about me, but I think it can apply to anyone). I think that's why I seem "perfect" to you when I'm not.

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It's because you usually spend only a few hours total even on things that would take me months to even make a messy version of it. After the same amount of practice as you had.

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This is unrelated to this comment, but are you learning Hebrew? I think you've mentioned that you're not Jewish, but yet you're posting a lot of comments in Hebrew.

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I'm also an adult male native English speaker who lives in an English speaking country. That's about the worst possible circumstance to be in for learning other languages, so I couldn't do it even if I was serious about it (and I know because I've tried other ones before).

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Oh, ok. I just think languages are cool, so I get excited seeing foreign languages in the wild.

I'm also an adult male native English speaker who lives in an English speaking country. That's about the worst possible circumstance to be in for learning other languages

Yeah, it does seem so. In non-English-speaking countries, it's common to learn English because of its widespread use and because of how advantageous it is. In English-speaking countries, you already know English.

(You don't have to learn other languages if you're not interested or if they seem too hard. That's perfectly fine.)

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Even in other countries I hear the natives refuse to speak to you in their language. And even if they didn't it's just easier to converse in english. Also the adult brain is bad at picking up new languages. So is the male brain. And english is the simplest, most devoid of concepts and grammer language in existence. So someone from Scandinavia can easily pick up english by merely learning the words and knowing what extra grammatical concepts not to use, while the other way around with an english speaker trying to learn their language is extremely hard because they don't know their higher concepts.

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Not really, I just know enough words to annoy nazis

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Ah, ok. I was asking because I think that language learning is a cool hobby. It's just one that takes a lot of dedication. (And me, myself, not having enough dedication to actually spend effort on learning to read, write, and speak a language, am also only learning a few words in other languages. I still think languages are cool though.)

If you like languages, I once found something cool online. They're sample problems from some "Linguistics Olympiad" thing (they're basically just puzzles). I've only tried a few of them, and many were too hard for me, but yeah, it's just for fun.

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Yeah, it's too hard, I'm actually on the same page as you there.

In case you were wondering, yes, this is how nearly every hobby feels for me. I can improve to a point but in the end I'm just not able to get it.