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Feminism and hating jewish people, interestingly enough.

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This community got quite a bit worse when Reddit got rid of the Terfs. Something so weird about the fact that even though i'm a jew all the jew hate didn't bother me nearly as much as the Terfs' insanity. Out of all the groups of people that Reddit's kicked out and joined Saidit the Terfs stand out because they have the insanity of the far left but actually go ever further. In the sense that they want to stand on the 1st place podium in the oppression Olympics and they can't stand sharing any spotlight with other groups like trans.

I think maybe it's a case of people being too adopting of that saying; "the enemy of my enemy is my friend". They think; Well if Reddit didn't like them then they must have some merit because we hate Reddit a LOT. Not saying i think the solution is censorship, but they weren't a problem on Reddit in the way they're a problem for Saidit. Because there they are 0.001% of the Reddit population whereas here they're a much bigger fraction. My point being that even though i hate a lot about Reddit doesn't mean everybody Reddit has a problem with, is my friend.

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Despite what a bunch of people say, ordinary Jews are not the issue, it's just the rich banking families like the Rothschilds and katzenellenbogens

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How funny is it that my grandpa was a rich banker? I'm jewish on all sides and my grandpa was a rich banker and i think he was also a freemason. He basically told me that if i were born sooner he would've had me work with him in that business but he got out of it around the 2008 market crash. I kind of even flat out asked him if there were any truth to that whole trope of jewish bankers controlling the world and he didn't tell me anything. I don't know if he didn't tell me because there's nothing to tell or because he just didn't want to. So yeah i know just as much about anyone else about it which kinda makes me think there's likely not that much truth to it. Or maybe he either wasn't powerful enough to be a part of it or he just didn't want to tell me.

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That's wild man, small world haha

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    That absolutely isn't the position i have a problem with. That's actually the position that made me think at the start that i might even get along with you guys. Because it's some of that objectivity over subjectivity stuff or facts over feelings. But i quickly learnt how wrong that thinking was. Everything that most people on Saidit and myself dislike about normal feminists and SJW's is you guys except even worse. All that craziness is you guys except 1 pretty minor position that you want to side with the more conservatively-minded people on which is trans. And why? Because it's self-serving, because you feel like they're taking up some of your safe space or because you hate men so much or because they steal your thunder in the oppression Olympics or because you know women get treated well by society and you hate the idea of a man getting in on that action.

    Here's why i'm somewhat anti-trans. Because it doesn't make sense from a nature-evolutionary standpoint. Meaning, it doesn't make sense that people are born trans, it only makes sense that people feel that way as a result of fucked up environments they grew up in. Best way to come to this conclusion yourself is to imagine people living in a pre-technology era or like hunter-gatherer times. It hasn't been enough time for evolution to have changed the way we're hardwired so if it's possible that people are born trans now it would also be possible back then and that seems 100% impossible to me. It would be like going now to an indigenous tribe that's untouched by civilization and expecting to find trans people there. NOT GOING TO HAPPEN, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER, EVER. This kind of shit is just environmental. The human mind is very fucking malleable... neuroplasticity and all that shit. We change a lot depending on our environment.

    So if people aren't born trans, i don't think the solution should be them changing their body. I think the solution should be trying to reverse the damage they got from their fucked up environments instead of going along with it and accepting it.

    To give 1 example of GC's craziness you guys have twisted things in your heads so much that you somehow managed to convince yourselves that REDDIT WHICH IS INSANELY LEFTIST is somehow misogynistic. Which is the most perfect example of you guys victimizing yourselves.

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      I discovered some new ones recently: "people who bleed" and "people with periods".

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      Ok birthing person

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      it's a case of people being too adopting of that saying; "the enemy of my enemy is my friend".

      Agreed. The trans stuff might be whackiest on the surface, but it’s one small part of the far left. These people are still leftist radicals.

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        I had to google. Holy what the fuck? This is a thing now?

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        Been a thing for awhile and they became big on Saidit when Reddit kicked them out like half a year ago. This is their main sub here

        That's the subgroup of feminism this person was referring to when he said "feminism" -

        Normal feminists would have no reason to come to Saidit.

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        “Normal” feminist is about sucking cock apparently

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        So you're very anti-fellatio then? You make it sound like feminist=lesbian.

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        Reminds me of the Tonya Harding spoof here

        But yeah, I had never really talked with TERFs before and I came at it with an open mind. Boy, was that a mistake. I know IP2 or whatever got a lot of hate, and it wasn't my thing, but if the GC's actually had half their imaginary oppression materialize ... I'd kind of be happy if they had to leave. Atleast for certain individuals. And that's a strange thing for me to say, since I only really joined saidit due to the hard-line free speech and inclusion.

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          I agree with all of that except your ending innuendo. Yes none of the specifics you listed are imaginary, but the imaginary oppression I spoke of is still a thing. Notice I didn't say women are never oppressed. The left and feminism as a whole is a wonderful example of that. But I did say I had an open mind; I'm a conservative. Conservatives aren't the ones pushing the gay/mutilation narrative. We don't want men pretending to be women going to women's prisons or competing in female sports. We didn't make clownworld, the left did.