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The censored post on the left:

When it's about pakistanis, there's no "rape culture" and censorship runs rampant

The comments (including with the censored ones with red background):

  • Are they the ones who were supposed to be integrated? I know, I know, it was just an accusation, it hasn't been proven yet.

  • It's just cultural enrichment

  • You call pakistanis rapers when they help you with fires?

  • You mean the arsons they started themselves?

(The last one is a reference to the arsons that burnt down several islands)

The chat request on the bottom right:

Did you like it?

You got your first warning from reddit thanks to my report

(the icon used by user "TheEastIsRed" shows a well known war criminal and sadistic pedophile who was active during the civil war and was responsible for killing thousands of prisoners and civilians, raping children and torturing whoever he laid his hands on. For some reason, leftists consider him as their hero, though he was denounced by his own party before his death)

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a well known war criminal

Do you have a name?

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Aris Velouhiotis

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user "TheEastIsRed"

And it's strange how Reddit listens to him instead of banning him, as he mods a communist party sub and his profile is full of posts about his dreams of executing all "fascists". He even explains that "fascists" are all the people who are not communists.

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He's just a puppet. The admins report to Beijing, not this keyboard warrior.

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This puppet is possibly part of a larger scheme of psyop. I posted a detailed comment in this thread.

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