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It's not a secret that reddit admins hate women, but that was a new low.

Mods of a default reddit sub who claim to support women rights, censor all comments condemning a gang rape of a girl by illegal immigrants who afterwards insist it wasn't rape but the formation of a relationship. When they are exposed, all it takes is a complaint by a commie SJW for reddit admins to interfere.

So you can't criticize the rape culture if the rapers belong to some "vulnerable group" where grabbing a random girl and raping her is considered a "relationship".

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Reddit is owned by China, so no surprise they're pushing Communism and racism. I'm starting to believe that just seizing China's shares isn't enough, and that the publisher should be entirely liquidated.

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Reddit is owned by China

Advanced publications is the majority shareholder, which is owned by a pair of jewish brothers.

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And Tencent paid them $150M. AP probably works for Beijing anyways, though.