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It's not a secret that reddit admins hate women, but that was a new low.

Mods of a default reddit sub who claim to support women rights, censor all comments condemning a gang rape of a girl by illegal immigrants who afterwards insist it wasn't rape but the formation of a relationship. When they are exposed, all it takes is a complaint by a commie SJW for reddit admins to interfere.

So you can't criticize the rape culture if the rapers belong to some "vulnerable group" where grabbing a random girl and raping her is considered a "relationship".

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Reddit is owned by China, so no surprise they're pushing Communism and racism. I'm starting to believe that just seizing China's shares isn't enough, and that the publisher should be entirely liquidated.

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Reddit is owned by China

Advanced publications is the majority shareholder, which is owned by a pair of jewish brothers.

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And Tencent paid them $150M. AP probably works for Beijing anyways, though.

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Reddit is shit

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We have already discussed the reddit situation at and the bottom line is that there is no way of having certain people enter a civilized community without them trying to destroy it.

On reddit, those people, mostly radical leftists, obviously have the freedom to manipulate the system on their behalf. Which is why I have urged everyone to come and join our Saidit community.

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We might be before a new "reddit psyop" case here!

On the right pane at, reddit user u/_TheEastIsRed_, who is also a mod of r/kke, a sub for the Communist Party of Greece (KKE), says "you got your first warning from reddit". How does he know how many warnings a user has received?

According to his profile, he has been on reddit for one month: and

The same user repeatedely posts threats of violence, claiming he will execute all his political opponents who are "fascists" or "antisemites". He also clarifies that "fascists" are those who don't belong to the Communist Party of Greece (KKE). This is clearly seen here:

When this post is reported to reddit admins, their response is that it was examined and wasn't found to violate their policy!

Coincidentally, user u/_TheEastIsRed_ immediately deletes the specific post that got reported: and

He has also posted a tirade glorifying violence and explicitely expressing his intention to massacre "all remaining fascists in the cruelest and most torturing way possible" which can be seen here: and

Plenty of his posts contain similar threats, open calls to violence and murder!

Yet the only one he got into the trouble to delete was the one reported to reddit admins, who found that it doesn't violate any reddit policy!

TLDR: A new user who mods a sub for the communist party knows about another user's account details. He also posts graphic details about torturing and killing "all fascists". Reddit admins find nothing wrong with that and he selectively deletes the very one post that got reported. Isn't that strange?

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I'm pretty sure that wanting to kill "facists" (most of which aren't either facist or antisemitic) makes you the facist.

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What's their goal, in your opinion, with this account?

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A new account is used to promote violence and spread militant propaganda and at the same time provoke other users and communities. If they are agitated and reply, they get banned. If they don't fall for that, they get banned under another pretext at some point.

That very user also posts in various English-speaking subs, using similar incendiary rhetoric. I don't believe he would do that freely without someone noticing, his posts are ISIS level threats. So perhaps we are witnesses to some entity trying to start a bloodshed. I really hope public awareness will stop them.

Though this is a special case, the use of agitators happens on many "country subs". Here is an expose and a paste link for another country sub on reddit.

Troll farms are not unusual and many political parties and organizations or even countries have been exposed for using them. In Greece, it was revealed that professional trolls employed by a major party were paid 60 european cents for each post on twitter. In one case, they were caught using mugshots from US for their accounts.

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I agree with you, it really does seem like this is what they're doing. Reddit truly is the Cesspool of the Internet.

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Could someone translate this into English?

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The censored post on the left:

When it's about pakistanis, there's no "rape culture" and censorship runs rampant

The comments (including with the censored ones with red background):

  • Are they the ones who were supposed to be integrated? I know, I know, it was just an accusation, it hasn't been proven yet.

  • It's just cultural enrichment

  • You call pakistanis rapers when they help you with fires?

  • You mean the arsons they started themselves?

(The last one is a reference to the arsons that burnt down several islands)

The chat request on the bottom right:

Did you like it?

You got your first warning from reddit thanks to my report

(the icon used by user "TheEastIsRed" shows a well known war criminal and sadistic pedophile who was active during the civil war and was responsible for killing thousands of prisoners and civilians, raping children and torturing whoever he laid his hands on. For some reason, leftists consider him as their hero, though he was denounced by his own party before his death)

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a well known war criminal

Do you have a name?

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Aris Velouhiotis

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user "TheEastIsRed"

And it's strange how Reddit listens to him instead of banning him, as he mods a communist party sub and his profile is full of posts about his dreams of executing all "fascists". He even explains that "fascists" are all the people who are not communists.

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He's just a puppet. The admins report to Beijing, not this keyboard warrior.

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This puppet is possibly part of a larger scheme of psyop. I posted a detailed comment in this thread.

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Exactly what I was going to ask