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Gonna stop you right here:

For example, if you wanted to choose someone to be manager, who would you pick? The employee that is lazy, and creates problems, or the one that works hard, and does his best even at a minimum wage?

An outsider. The stats have been out for quite some time. People don't get promoted. When a vacancy opens up, employers overwhelmingly choose to hire a new worker rather than promote. Wagies stay in cages.

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Personally I've always changed job every couple of years to take advantage of this. You move up so much more quickly and learn so much more. The idea that you stay in the same job for 5 or 10 years and just wait for your bosses to decide your lifepath for your seems crazy to me.

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Exactly. I don't know a single person who's been with a company for an extended period of time who wasn't hurt by that decision (outside of bullshit government unions jobs). So tired of hearing these bullshit boomer takes on the workforce. Larger companies will knowingly take a hit on good employees leaving to avoid paying them more. This idea that you just have to take all shit shoveled at you with a smile while working for shit and one day you'll be in middle management is bullshit.

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Everyone is replaceable. I leant that very early on. No company cares for you.

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Larger companies will knowingly take a hit on good employees leaving to avoid paying them more.

That's exactly what happened to me.
Got a job offer for a 20% raise doing same thing, turned in my resignation to old company
old company: "Noooo! Here's 4% to stay! please!!".
Me: eyeroll. I left. This is a LARGE multi-billion-$$$ corporation.

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Exactly. I know friend's of mine who have left positions for a positions with less responsibility with better pay and their employer didn't give a shit. They basically left whole teams or departments fall apart of a few months (at the very least) rather than give someone a raise. It's insane to me.

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As someone who worked their fucking ass off for a minimum wage job. It doesn't work like that. Anyone paying their employees minimum wage doesn't give a shit how hard you work.

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This is an ax I've repeatedly ground against coworkers my own age at jobs. Most aren't like this, but some take the view that until they receive what they consider to be sufficient compensation, they will never do more than the bare minimum (if even that). Shockingly, they stay at that level forever and bitch to me about it. No. This is not how the world works. You show up at your starting wage, do a good job cheerfully, and go above and beyond occasionally when the opportunity presents itself. THEN you may demand higher wages. Your employer doesn't know what your potential is, and isn't going to raise your pay on the THEORY that you might stop acting like a piece of shit if he does.

Edit: Of course, if you follow step A, and then your employer doesn't follow through with the pay/promotion for you effort, you ditch that MOFO and take your talents elsewhere.

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Yes. Theoretically, you can train most people to do most jobs, but attitude plays a big role and goes a long way in developing worth as an employee. Like you said, if the employer doesn't compensate for the effort, there are enough employers who will.

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Yes, this is the way things work in a world without collective bargaining. You only put as much effort into something as you are compensated for. Where as those who are allowed to negotiate their wages, Hollywood movie stars demand the money first, or else they will phone in their performance. Many corporations no longer base your wages on your performance, and your evaluations is completely decoupled from your pay and promotional opportunities. I've been aware of this my entire life. Only difference now is that millenni̟̺̇ͫals are choosing to act upon this individually, bringing about a soft form of collective bargaining, where corporations must appease them in mass first, or face indifference.

This is their primary means of change, as that corporations now control their lives and the government.

Ĥ̅͛ǝ̮̺͕̲̰llo ʍoɹlp' I,m Qnǝsʇᴉouɐqlǝ.̬̘̟ͅ

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collective bargaining ?

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Is it not with with collective bargaining, i.e. they get paid/job security etc regardless.

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So you work yourself to the bone and you still have a shit job. What now?

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Na. Sorry. This is some boomer tier bullshit. Minimum wage job means your value is as a unit of labour, not an individual.

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They are not wrong. For too long have workers been over-exploited and under-paid. They certainly going about it the wrong way, but then again, capitalism in its current form is doomed, so... Right now there are simply no good options.

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Thanks grandpa, except it isn't the 50s anymore.

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You are saying this,because you are ostracized on reddit? Miserable. Say that to the youngs in rioting if you have any gut left.

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And you go say black live matters to the KKK if you have any guts left. Idiotic response if you ask me.

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Very true

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Dude, just stop obsessing over all those average /r/antiwork laziposters. This guy is basically who the /r/antiwork guys all wish they were but aren't.