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Remember when they banned 2000 subs for opposing the democrats' opinions, including subs which were just saying that trans men/women aren't biological men/women?

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AHAHAHAHAHA <wipes tears> oh gawd you can't make this shit up. Breaks my fucking heart what reddit's become. Oh well, moving on.

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Dumb question but wtf is a quarantine on Reddit?? ELI5

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a sub can be "quarantined". If this happens:

  • the first time a user visits the sub, they will see a message "this sub has been quarantined for <reason>. Are you sure you want to visit?" with some yes/no buttons.
  • I think it can't appear on /all. It can't be put in a multireddit.
  • Unless you use old.reddit (instead of www.reddit), you cannot access a quarantined sub without providing your email.

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Correct. In addition, you can't visit a quarantined sub on the official mobile app until you log in on a browser, and opt in. Most of them have had their CSS styling disabled.

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If you try to visit a quarantined sub, you get a splash page asking you to verify because the sub is a no good very bad place full of wrongthink. Then if you click "yes", you can see its content, but all the pages show a bright yellow "quarantined" logo, with a big button saying, "leave the quarantine" to exit the sub and save your precious mind from the wrongthink.

TL;DR It's basically a "soft" ban. People can still access a sub, but they're mildly harassed for doing so.

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Similar to a shadow ban in a sense.

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It basically hides the sub from r/all and makes you actually have to look for it. Then there’s a warning page that the sub is quarantined. It’s their way of keeping all the wrong think contained while they wait for a way to ban it.

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Posts wishing Trump would die are massively upvoted and never removed. Reddit will go the way of Digg, it was obvious 2 years ago. Fuck Ohanian and his chimp 'wife'.

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But did they unquarantine the sub?

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So the sub in question is the infamous The_Donald, in case that wasn't known. I was never big into that community, but I was subscribed and it was kind of a hilarious place. Everyone hated it, and that made it even funnier.

Some months after the quarantine, the Reddit admins wanted to install a panel of mods of their own choosing, and the subreddit mods rejected this. Instead, they locked the sub from any new posts, mod-approved posts only. This was effectively the death of it, and the community migrated to their own site off reddit.

Now, it was just "banned" with great fanfare after being silent for months. It's the first one listed in all the news articles about the ban wave. Wow, so brave, Reddit!

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Ah, yeah. I never followed that sub but I did follow the news about it. Their reason for banning the sub was hilarious given there hadn't been any new posts or comments in it for months.