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Im native american and agree, even though whites killed millions of my kind...

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Honestly? Native Americans conquered a ton of other Native Americans and didn't give them "Reservations." Much like we conceded too much to the Confederate States when they lost the civil war, IMHO we conceded way too much to the Native Americans, and they haven't even managed to do anything with it; just have obscene alcohol and domestic violence issues.

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Well let's do better then, together. I feel like we're in the same boat now.

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I have two minds about it; 50 separate boats with various alliances like the West Coast and Northeast alliances that were created because of poor federal government response to COVID-19, or the Northern states just simply take over once again and this time we take no prisoners. We stamp out every bit of "confederate" pride, but also eliminate all Reservations, all funding for Reservations, get rid of H1Bs, and completely deport any Chinese, Russian, and Saudi Arabian nationals.

We also need to establish English as our national language, because legally it's not.

I would also put heavy restriction on Muslims immigrating here, because their beliefs aren't compatible with western culture, and too many on the left refuse to admit it and Europe is having major problems with it right now.

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Bring it don't sing it. Enjoy not eating.

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California produces most of the US's food supply and conveniently I live here, so... You're likely the one that's going to suffer in regard to food, hope you like corn.

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Can you help me clarify your thinking here?

The US fought a bloody Civil War - beyond the causes that led to it, the primary cause was the Confederacy claimed to no longer be a part of the United States of America - the North claimed authority due to rejecting the concept of secession. The North won.

South: We ain't the USA no more

North: Yes, you are.

South: Ok, you beat us, we surrender

North: You ain't Americans....


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Native americans were absolutely vicious to eachother and the colonizers. I hate when people paint them as these peace pipe smoking heeyyy mann softies. They ate and scalped people.

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Y'all weren't exactly martyrs yourselves. Source. Although I empathize with you about all the needless harm that was done...

In my college history class awhile ago we were talking about all of this, and one event that's actually noted is that Queen Isabella specifically directed Columbus to approach any peoples' he found diplomatically and for the benefit of mutual interests. She wanted to do trade with anyone that was found basically. Columbus disobeyed that order seeing it as an opportunity to conquer them and trade them as slaves for personal profit and their resources when he got there.