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thanks for sharing.

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    As much as i hate Reddit I agree with the course of action. She's entitled to an opinion, you tried to call it as trashy. You trying to call it out is insisting violence. Dismissing her claim without any proof. Like when is it a joke, when can we have satire? Lol you literally admit it's because of some personal fallout. And that the whole left anyway, so hypocritical.

    But no tell me again how it's not rasist to have a word you feel entitled to attack someone if they use it and they are not the same skin color as you. Yeh keep fighting fascism with fascism I'm sure it's getting u some where.

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    Posting a photo of yourself with swastikas drawn on your tits isn't an opinion, and it's trashy purely as a form of nudity, plus for whatever reason adding pro Nazi shit on top of that.

    Explain to me where I complained about racism? She was a trashy girl and I posted her pic in a sub for such people. I would also post Nikki Minaj and Miley Cyrus in there but that's already been done by others enough.

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    Yes, the Left will continue attacking and destroying their own. They keep recruiting new members at a faster rate than they are shredded. Eventually they will run out, but this takes a long time. Decades. It took Mao 20 years to run out of new recruits for the Communist Party, eventually having to fall back on the Red Army as authority because everyone else had been murdered or purged or enslaved.

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    There are reddit chat rooms?