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The user has not been accused of any wrongdoing in any sort of legal sense.

If he is overly concerned, he could start by submitting the email to Reddit to verify if it is indeed from them and not a spoof. Also, there are other threads on Reddit about this exact email, most of them deriving from users in Japan, and one grumpy user who may be harassing Redditors he doesn't like:

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Thanks for the answer. It looks a pretty similar case, with the difference that this time it is stated that

Reddit also received a court order prohibiting Reddit from disclosing the existence of the legal process at the time

so my friend is worried that there might be something really sinister behind this. Like some crazy accusation where you get entangled into some kafka-esque process.

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Prohibiting disclosure is something the deep state does to sites, thus the /s/SaiditCanary/.

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If I were him I"d start by verifying that it really was from Reddit Legal Team. Seems super sketch and unoffish to me. ETA: did the email mention his user name?