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From their perspective, they are fighting literally Hitler. When you're as far left as that, anyone to the right of Mao Zedong looks like a nazi to you.

You are either woke — aware to the evils of the world and the path for dealing with them — or shamefully asleep. It's not up for discussion. You just have to wake up. Opponents argue their case from a place of prejudice and bad faith.

There is no reason to listen to people if they are evil. In fact, it would violate minimum standards of decency to allow evil a chance to infect others. We have a moral responsibility to silence, repudiate, and eliminate evil.

You'll notice that publicly they speak of egalitarianism and equity, and here they are openly advertising for elitism and they only hire on merit. Note this maxim and repeat it: Whenever they talk about equality, they are never talking about themselves. It explains so much.

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War-footing mass psychology tactic #1 - dehumanize the enemy

When they don't see them as valid humans, they have no problem treating them poorly. That applies to all sides of every divide in world history.

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    It means figuratively now. Idiots destroy language.

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    DAE remember when American engineers were proud to fight censorship?

    Now we are trying to make it scale.

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    I guess that's the natural consequence when the empire becomes an empire of lies

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    Not an American, but from what I see, in around 30-40% cases, what American SWE's say online, in the comfort of complete/semi anonymity, is completely different from what they say in public.

    Problem is, Software Engineers in the USA are probably the closest profession to the corruption epicenter - as such, stating their actual views publicly would get them fired and blacklisted from many of the best jobs, and most likely cause a reputation backlash in various professional circles (if they are well known).
    Hell, this is true even if you own a company and have your own services products - your company will become blacklisted by many Silicone Valley conglomerates, and they will also do everything they can to de-platform you (case and point - Gab, and that's one of the only successful examples of companies that managed to stand the assault).

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    War is peace. Freedom is slavery. I forget the rest. Evil is good.

    And seriously YOU WTF? If you don't know Hitler was not evil, you don't even belong here. Now shoo!

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    Actually Hitler was always the underdog, and Stalin and Mao were far worse, but for the Zionist propaganda since the 70s and their Holocaust narrative...

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    Not to mention Kemal Ataturk, a cryptojew dönmeh of Salonica, responsible for the genocide of Armenians and Greeks. Far worse than Hitler, yet his crimes are not mentioned because of the Jewish origins of the Neoturks.

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    Indeed. If I recall correctly the Young Turks were largely Jewish. It's also peculiar which countries acknowledge or deny it.

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    This article is about the Jewish origins of the Neoturk - Young Turk movement, it's (mostly) in Greek but you can view an English translation, for example this one by Bing

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    Yes, I know. I'm talking to the OP who says "fighting Hitler" as if that might somehow be a good thing.

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    Heil Hitler!

    Hmm are we allowed to say that here? I was being ironic, i'm jewish.

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    Sieg Heil!

    And FUCK YOU JEW. Guys we have a shit kike in here.

    WE are allowed to say what we want. YOU have zero rights out of being of a race of humanity-rotting degenerates.

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    It's not the Jews that are the problem, it's the Zionist's who tell everyone (including them and us) what to think via their corporatocracy media.

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    I was just curious. Doesn't get more pro-free speech than me. Yes i was born to jewish parents just like you could've been. What do you want me to do about it? Or perhaps more interestingly, what specifically do you think that it means about me that i was born to jewish parents with jewish blood?

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    That you are Neanderthal-descended, whereas we (actual mankind) are more cromagnon descended. That you are a blight on this planet. That your very existence is a corrupting, degrading, rotting effect on what remains of this civilization and the best thing you could do for the world is isolate yourself socially and never reproduce.

    Every time pedophilia, rape, pornography, homosexuality, drag queen story hour, swindling, 9/11 insurance and terrorism fraud, terrorism itself, the immense central banking scam, and so on, and so forth, EVERY SINGLE EVIL that this world knows, THERE IS ALWAYS ONE OF YOU BEHIND IT.

    And yet, you are a tiny minority. Doesn't add up, right? No, you humanoid things are the very incarnation of evil.

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    I'm sure you have really good evidence for your neanderthal theory?

    Let's look at actual reality. All people have a pretty big competitive aspect and looking out for themselves aspect. Is Jeff Bezos Jewish? How many super succesful people aren't jewish? A lot... because wanting and trying to become succesful is very much not unique to jews. It's like you have this fake perception in your head that jews are the only ones who are competitive and become successful. We're just more competent on average. And because this makes you feel insecure because you aren't jewish you have to twist this around by pretending that non-jews don't care as much about trying to be successful. So basically the same thing people say when they lose in online games: "You're such a tryhard! I wasn't even trying".

    Other than that i was speaking to another person like you (although he wasn't nearly as hostile) on this site 5 days ago and i wrote a comment trying to empathize:

    But let's talk about where you guys are coming from. Let's say we're 10 year olds in the same school in the same class. Now we look the same and talk the same and all of that, but i declare myself different from the other 20 kids in our class. It's easy to see why that would bother some people. You're reasonably thinking: "Hey you look like us and talk like us, so why do you have to go and call yourself different? And you seem to take pride in being different? Damn this is kinda insulting" we could pull off calling ourselves part of your group but the fact that we don't is insulting. Maybe this is why you don't see a lot of black people hating on jews?

    So yeah this is what i got so far:

    1. Insulted that we distinguish ourselves from white people (your group).

    2. Jealous because we're also more competent and successful on average.

    3. Use as scapegoat to make yourself feel better about your crappy life.

    So i can see where your antisemitism comes from, i guess.

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    "Waiter, I asked for this chutzpah to be well-done, this a little under-cooked."

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    LOL for real?

    Yeah, uncle Adolf was right. He addresses none of the points, so typical:

    "Every time pedophilia, rape, pornography, homosexuality, drag queen story hour, swindling, 9/11 insurance and terrorism fraud, terrorism itself, the immense central banking scam, and so on, and so forth, EVERY SINGLE EVIL that this world knows, THERE IS ALWAYS ONE OF YOU BEHIND IT.

    And yet, you are a tiny minority. Doesn't add up, right? No, you humanoid things are the very incarnation of evil."

    Oh wait, that's what these subhumans call "being successful" I guess?

    Edited for correctness.

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    Sorry. So all the non-jews who have done bad stuff were still manipulated by jews, right? Here's one, the Catholic Church and it's rape/homosexuality problem. Is it more likely that all non-jews who have done bad stuff were manipulated by jews or that you suffer from a bad case of confirmation bias? Seems like the latter to me.

    Confirmation bias is the tendency to search for, interpret, favor, and recall information in a way that confirms or strengthens one's prior personal beliefs or hypotheses.[1] It is a type of cognitive bias. People display this bias when they gather or remember information selectively, or when they interpret it in a biased way. The effect is stronger for desired outcomes, for emotionally charged issues, and for deeply-entrenched beliefs.

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    LOL is this dipshit from hell for real?

    Yeah, uncle Adolf was right. There's just nothing to do with these walking turds.

    Please don't repeatedly drag discussion down the pyramid of debate.

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    No, actual reality:

    Being Jewish is like automatically being part of the lowest level of a private club, like a basic Mason. You're automatically "connected" with inherent privileges, including victimhood, not white unless it suits you, a segregated state, and all that.

    It wouldn't hurt if you had ambitions and talent and your connections were upper level too, assuming you want to gain power or "success" or even want to become an evil Zionist, but most Jews are just "normal" folks.

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    No, they act out being normal folks. They are not. It's part of their deception. Uncle Adolf ran tests. Not one of them is a normally constituted human.

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    You have to turn to Jesus and His teachings. More than anything God sent his only son to show your tribe how to escape the pact with the devil. You must embrace Jesus and ask him to save you from fires of hell. Abandon your tribe, change your name. It's the only way.

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    No one is saying stalin and Mao were good, except for some really retarded tankies. Buy that they're worse than Hitler doesn't make Hitler better. Hitler is still one of the worst people of humanity. And also, the nature of Hitler's regime is different than Mao and Stalin. Mao and Stalin killed their own people that disagreed with them, and Hitler killed some minority.

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    I would agree, and go further - Winston Churchill was MUCH worse than Hitler.

    In 1919 he unapologetically wanted to gas thousands if not millions of Russian Bolsheviks in Northern Russia, as well as on Northern India, and against Kurds and Afghans. An actual racist (as many were back then), among other things in this BBC article The 10 greatest controversies of Winston Churchill's career, that I looked up for the date.

    This article ( starts with a faulty premise in a propaganda twist that anyone suggests he was the first.

    Churchill forced Germany into war. People say Germany invaded Poland first, but those idiots don't know about the false flag and circumstances leading to that. I'm not saying that Hitler was innocent, but as Churchill famously said, "History will be kind to me for I intend to write it." As victors do. Hitler had no global dominance plans. That's bullshit to make him seem scary.

    Not mentioned is that Churchill orchestrated the circumstances that compelled the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor to drag the US into WWII.

    During WWII Churchill authorized countless war crimes, including the firebombing of Dresden, redefining war (between armies) into total war (including innocent civilians of women, children, and men as well as their infrastructures and resources).

    Despite what the Zionist media would have you believe, especially since the 1970s onward, Hitler actually kept concentration camps for prisoners of war. In part because he knew if they lost they would be more severely punished. Meanwhile Britain took little care for prisoners of war and executed countless and sent some worthy prisoners to Canadian camps.

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    I didn't know about Churchill so it's good but "zionist media" yikes... Antisemitic canard ? I don't care what media says what Hitler still killed 6 million Jews. And Hitler is still one of the worst people in humanity.

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    So the government and media perpetually get caught lying all through history - yet you're willing to believe them on one issue?

    I start from a place of skepticism and need to be proven they are speaking truth, as they can do from time to time, though rarely without an agenda. (ie. People die from terrorists in America, but more people die from peanut butter and bee stings and slipping in the bathtub. I'd use corona as an example but all the numbers are so completely wild they are utterly useless - proving my point.)

    Learning the inconvenient truths about the Holocaust exaggerations was the second hardest thing for me to come around on, after the Climate Change hysteria for their Carbon Tax Scam.

    Read these 14 points, to start questioning:

    Research yourself. Don't take my word for it. Make up your own mind. Maybe it was real. I certainly don't think so. But I'm legally not allowed to question it here in Canada, very loosely enforced, while in Germany you are severely punished for actually diving into history that counters the official narrative. More than suspicious - like how they are now censoring Corona information that may or may not save lives - but we're forbidden and MUST have blind faith in the authorities and "experts".

    HISTORY IS FULL OF LIES and will keep getting rewritten for new agendas.

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    Hitler was the single most non credited perpetuator of Zionism and international jewery behind Moses. Besides being the lousiest military and political strategist in the last 200 years. He crawled straight out of Satans asshole. Change my mind

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    i expect these sjw programmers will write sloppy spaghetti code so reddit will decay even more

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    The site is so non-optimized now, I believe they are trying to see how much they can push the bloat and have their user base stick around.

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    Talk about bloat. Facebook takes forever to load a single page! I'm sure they're infecting my computer with some shit.

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    If only there were evil people somewhere insidiously committing evil deeds, and it were necessary only to separate them from the rest of us and destroy them. But the line dividing good and evil cuts through the heart of every human being. And who is willing to destroy a piece of his own heart?

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    I am 100% good. There is no line in my heart.

    And in fact so are everyone of you gentiles. You just don't always behave according to your true nature. And especially your thoughts run counter to your nature, a LOT.

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    I am 100% good.

    Hahahahaha nice one.

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    but here you are, deplatformed perhaps, on a completely different website, bitching about reddit. it shows that without a large enough stage to spread alt riech filth, you're nothing and you know it. deplatforming works is all this shows.

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    How much do you get paid to shill? ...You are getting paid...r...r..right?

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    I think he is tyrdhead

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    You proved their point trying to refute it:

    Redditors would bitch on Reddit (hoping to affect change to improve it) if they weren't censored by the totalitarians.