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Yeah, it's going to get worse and worse, and by 2-3 months before the election, you won't be able to hear any dissident voices at all. The entire internet will be shouting to elect Biden or whoever they rig their nomination for. This won't go away after the election, it will be the new normal. They don't see any value from letting dissidents speak.

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Control is a hard-fought commodity. Don't think that the shouting won't be as loud from the other side too. (It just lives on different sites, 4chan and voat come to mind)

Trump is a tool used by forces greater than himself, just as dems vying for office are the same. There are probably more than just two forces looking to control the population's resources, but it seems to me there are two major players in the west right now.

I am of the opinion that there there more critical, freethinking people who would support Trump than there are critical, freethinking people who would support the left, however. Maybe it's because the veil has been lifted so hard over the globalist/socialist agenda that it's just so obvious. However, it stops with the fact that there is no third option in the states.

I guess I'm just saying the media, internet, and public forum is controlled by everyone looking to get "their guy in office".

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Reddit is as mainstream as mainstream gets. You can't just say, "oh it's on voat too" like that's a counter-argument. It's not.

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I'm not trying to counter your argument. I'm saying it IS happening, from the leftist side AS well as otherwise. Too many of the people I see bowing to Trump can't see their forest for the trees.

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"Bowing to Trump"

Gosh, when you put it like that, of course it's going to sound awful. You deliberately did it that way.

When are people going to understand that the man is legitimate and has widespread support. I suppose it's a side effect from being propagandized 24/7 by a biased media. It's not your fault I suppose.

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I put it that way because it is my opinion, about nearly every politician that gains traction in the US or CDA.

I don't feel Trump has a legitimate care for the population or to keep the sanctity of freedoms or democracy. He, and every other person vying for the House, is looking out for their own wallets and their own cronies more than anything else.

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The beginning of the end is perpetual. People have been saying that since before there was a SaidIt (started 2017-10-11). The Chinese investors are in it for the long haul (of money).

If anything, it's the continuation of evolution. In this case, into a corrupted monster.

I agree that it would be nice if there were more non-agenda sites, but you didn't notice the bunch of others already out there. Decentralization is the way to go.

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I still probably spend half of my browsing time there. IMO it's still the best source of kitty gifs and other amusing nonsense. But more importantly specific technical subs can be a gold mine when you need help or are just looking for information on a particular topic. And I regularly post comments when I feel that I can genuinely contribute to a discussion or asked question.

So, does Reddit have a future? Yes I think it does. With caveats:

  1. When I do post I make sure not to say anything, even in jest, that could push buttons. The hivemind group think there is everywhere and I don't care how innocent a comment might have been if it goes against what's considered proper then you could be in for a bad time.

  2. Censorship and promotion is rampant. Even if you just scan the headings you can get a very skewed take on reality. For example it's so pro-Bernie over there right now that you'll actually think he's a shoe in if all you read is Reddit.

  3. Many posts and comments are fake, and it's not always easy to tell. Take everythingEVERYTHING you read there with a grain of salt.

I was on Reddit in the early days and recall fondly the heady sense of freedom and control. So it's especially hard to see what it's like now. Sites like saidit offer a refreshing alternative but not one of them has the same depth as Reddit, not even close. I would love to turn my back on Reddit for good because it really has become a cancer in so many ways, but not while it still has good utility.

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It will probably slowly lose about 20% of their users every year, until they don't matter anymore. I don't think there will be an exodus "event" like there was from, but rather a slow trickle of losses, subreddit by subreddit.

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I honestly don't think it's going to die, I think the user base is going to take a massive hit when people start migrating over but people are dumb and will continue to use the app because it's where everybody is. The large majority of them are lefties anyways, so I don't think they even care when subs with political differences get banned. It's censorship, but I wouldn't be surprised if they didn't care. It's only censorship when it starts to affect them, and as far as I'm aware that place is a safe haven for anyone wanting lefty echo chambers. To put it simply, 98% of Reddit is retarded. If you think like the rest and behave like the rest, you won't have an issue over there.

I like to think Reddit is just a pseudo-sophisticated version of the YouTube comment section. They're still retarded but because they use basic grammar and spelling it's sugar coated shit.

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Digg is a shadow of its former self. Reddit is now too. It's not dying, it's dead.

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It's not dead, though. Reddit is still the go-to when news aggregation and discussion come to mind. If Reddit is dead then whats replaced it? Because it certainly isn't Saidit, it's no way near as popular. People I know still use Reddit, and they simply don't care about the politics of the site so as long as they get their cute cat pics. The user base has changed but I wouldn't say it's dead. It's only dead in our eyes because we've seen it change.

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^ Spot on. Only when they start banning cute cat pics and cute waifu pics is when we'll start seeing Reddit die.

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What are the numbers or statistics that show this? Visitors diminishing? Alexa rankings?

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Keep pointing people here.

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I run a large former-reddit community and we might actually be moving here. Depends on a couple things we're trying to work out.

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When they killed CringeAnarchy was the start of this steep decline

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Not aware of that sub, when was it banned?

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Posting materials showing how pathetic and disgusting the tumblr/twitter/far-left reddit are.

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where are they now?

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It'll be so overrun with propaganda that it'll end up like CNN and Fox, where it'll be talking about irrelevant nonsense when people know much more serious things are going on. and the rest of the people will abandon it slowly by then, hopefully.

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Censorship is a core feature of reddit, as embedded in the minority opinion censorship function of the downvote. Reddit may persist, but discussion and debate has no future there, outside of an ever narrowing Overton window that will always skew towards an irritated extreme position.

I genuinely think that completely eliminating people's writing and creative efforts will face severe opprobrium in the future, perhaps even legal limitations and liability, even on private fora. Moderation just means steering discussion and limiting digression via thread or comment chain locking.

Unless there's actual violation present, such as a call to violence, or doxxing, there really is no opinion so dangerous that it needs to be erased. Responsible moderation always leaves a breadcrumb trail.

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Its going to go the way of one day a black swan event will happen on reddit and people will mass exodus

Long ago everyone went to for memes then one day they went SJW with their redesign and started to pander to corporations and everyone left to Reddit. You can still find "Reddit vs Digg Wars" memes about it.

Reddit was the rebel platform that didnt pander to corporations and promoted free speech and self moderation.

Now that platform is Saidit for me not reddit.

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I wish I'd discovered some of these subreddits years ago before these new strict policies and TOS. I feel like i was living under a rock lol. Sadly there's nothing on the surface of the internet other than sterilized sjw platforms anymore it seems.

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Became commercial and went down hard.

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Going full 1984.

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It may start to decline by the end of the year, but it won't die any time soon.

It will eventually become (and it already kind of is) one of those sites. One of those sites that everyone else complains about filled with certain groups of people who don't accept certain opinions. It's a shame.

I still use Reddit, but I feel like I will stop enjoying it by 2022. There are still some great subreddits, that's why I still browse it, but censorship is an obvious problem. I've seen people complain about it many a time. I feel like those people will leave, causing Reddit its decline and its eventual status as one of "those" sites, because certain people will stay. Those who like the censorship of opinions.

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The only reason users still frequent reddit is because of some successful communities, for example for cat pics or specific hobbies. Once you enter some sub about politics or current issues or even cultural subjects, you see the ugly truth of the specific agenda reddit serves.

Personally I wouldn't mind if they were upfront with it but they aren't.

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why are there so many posts on this site about Reddit? who the fuck cares. Fuck Reddit.

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This is literally on s/meanwhileonreddit lol don't go to the sub if you don't care bro

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I'd say it will continue it's purity spiral until it's only corporate advertising machines and brainwashed zombies that'll follow their every whim. Then again it already died when it began trying to police the wild west of the internet.

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continued prosperity and perhaps even civility now that the_donald is effectively over and the alt reicher infestation is dissipating. deplatforming - it works!

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Digg. A. Hole. Bury. History. Rinse. Reddit. Repeat.

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I divide my time between Saidit and