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It's the plague of our age - someone makes something, sells it to a company, the company fucks it up. You see this in both websites and videogames.

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Apparently, it is called "pump and dump" business model

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Aaron was a very unique individual. I feel like there are only so many individuals out there who have the vision, the intelligence and the will to act everything out. There were some things he said that made it sound like he was an alien in a human's body tbh. His fascination with libraries, "mating rituals" among the human race, etc.

If he hadn't been killed, I feel like the world would have been a very different place. I feel like it was a disservice to the human race and our generation that he was taken from us. People like Spez are people who's ego outweighs their intelligence. Male Karen.

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Says it all.

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I hate to say it.

Hope it never happens.

Maybe reddit should have died with him instead of twisting into the toxic waste dump of corporate greed it has become.

If something happens... saidit should have an off switch. If control of saidit is lost, sold, or traded, even willingly by the creators of saidit, an automated system should terminate the site. Let it die with honor.

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Or decentralize it.

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That is a brilliant comment.

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We all need to Aaron. Now.

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I agree.

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You ever notice what happens to proponents of the Internet as a tool to empower freedom, liberty, and knowledge? Aaron Swartz, Ross Ulbricht, and Edward Snowden all succumbed to the pressures of the pervasive oppression we know through its many facets - manipulation to suicide, imprisonment, or forced secretive isolation.

We need more men in this world today that don't give a fuck. That know right from wrong. That have the opportunity of stage to express the sentiments so many of us hold. So many who make it to the top instead are the evil cocksuckers purporting the ferris wheel of usery, exploitation, forced ignorance, and deceit.

"We always kill those good guys who try and tell us that, you ever notice that? And let the demons run amok." - Bill Hicks

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Well that's the thing with evil people: they will do ANYTHING to get what they want.

Good people have scruples. They have limits. Which makes them unequal to evil ones in a fight, since the dirtiest tricks are off limits to them, but not their opponents.

It goes for commerce, politics, anything really. Evil always wins. Which is why the movie industry tries so hard to get us to believe that the good guys always win. Only in movies. Only for brainwashing purposes, the reality is 100% opposite that.

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Spez looks like an inbred Mormon.

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Is that a jew? Sure looks like one.

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The present CEO looks like such a giant coomer, jesus