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Yeah just nuts. Then the /r/conspiracy thread is brigaded to hell by TMOR people.

This thread at least had my back:

But damn I'm feeling pretty sad about the state of reddit and the internet today. Brigading is just the new norm, and everyone just kind of accepts it and the reddit admins apparently turn a blind eye and won't do anything. It sucks.

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yea, i was reading thru the thread, and the first comment is a hippiecrite mod callin you the liar, rofl.

this is one of the reasons im working to launch my own net, i have a dlink dir 615, thanks to a local yardsale, its compatible with openwrt 15.05, im just tryin to figure out how to flash openwrt onto it. the current internet is corporation and government controlled

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Yeah the whole thing was a joke through and through. I'm trying to laugh it off, but damn reddit is messed up these days. I wonder what Aaron Swartz would say if he could see these posts.

Nice, alternate internet sounds cool. If you someday get it going, let's make sure to get saidit on there.

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ye, i hear yea, its been rly goin downhill ever since that one asian mudduck was temporarily made admin, lol.

yea, i hope to have it operational within a year, with cjdns or some kind of meshnet software on the router