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Marilyn Monroe died on the evening of Saturday August 4, 1962 she had allegedly planned a news conference for the following Monday, August 6, wherein she was going to "tell all" about her relationships with John and Robert Kennedy, who allegedly arrived in California with younger brother Ted Kennedy on August 4th.

Robert Kennedy allegedly denied being in Los Angeles on the night Monroe died, her neighbors said a helicopter landed and Kennedy and two other men got out, a Los Angeles patrol officer said he stopped a car carrying the Kennedy brothers and actor Peter Lawford, shortly after midnight near Monroe's Brentwood address.

Years later her maid allegedly admitted Bobby Kennedy had been at the house that night .. evidence is missing including the original autopsy report, her supposed note which mentioned suicide and the original police report, the first officer at the death scene has publicly disputed the suicide finding.

In 1985 a 20/20 episode was to air where Robert Slatzer postulates Monroe was killed by Bobby Kennedy or was in his presence when she died, the show was cancelled .. Marilyn is buried at Westwood Memorial Cemetery.