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Chi does actually exist, and can be used for weird stuff.
Well tested has been iceman Wim Hoffman who can stay in extreme cold for a long time.

But society and mythology have created a lot of misinformation around it,
like there is a lot of misinformation around the free fall of the twin towers.
A part of this influence is performed by rituals.

If people are open to a certain type of Chi, they can be controlled by it.
That is also how some hypnosis works, and it is very similar. With hypnosis you need to know exactly the internal programming of a person to be able to influence him/her. It seems normal that a person using Chi would need to know exactly what the weak spots of a person is to influence him/her via chi.

It is just unclear to me how much you can use in fights.
In some demonstrations that seemed truthful, people were already "tuned" to the "attacker", to demonstrate how the attacker could influence their movements. Were these people actually resisting this influence?
It is a bit similar how dancers or orchestra are "tuned" to be in harmony.

I have personally put willing people into wake or drunken state or sleeping state. So I know from personal experience how to work with people that are voluntary and that I know.

There are many other techniques that seem realistic:

You can use chi to make you people not notice you. Or do the opposite, and appear as a threat. Animals seem to use this naturally.

Or appear as a very friendly person. That is what some mass murderers do to get their victims to follow them.

There are also people that make you immediately tired or exhausted when you meet them in person. Or stressed out, or even angry. These people usually have traumas, but this works in similar ways.

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Yes, this video is a cautionary tale for us in the West.

China has their own misinfo, fake news, psyops, unfairly demonized citizens, etc.

As much as we believe we're aware, we're still human, with limited info, egos, and are psychologically vulnerable.